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Enjoying this so far! However, you should have the “next” level unlock after you complete a level. When I turn the game off and come back to it, I have to redo the level I just beat instead of the one I’m currently on (1-7, which I’m not convinced there’s a solution for, it has me stumped).

Really nice, cute little puzzler!

Thank you so much for playing! I am aware of the bug, I will try and get a patch out for it soon, my evenings have been somewhat hectic lately.  I still don't have my own system, so it makes bug testing a little tricky, but I intend to release bugfixes where I can and when I get my own system I will probably release a patch with a few more bits and pieces in it too.

As for 1-7, I just double-checked and it's definitely completable. There are a few red herrings on that level designed to trip you up. Don't be fooled into thinking there is just one route on every level!


It’s no rush, I know how it is! I actually figured out the solution after I commented, go figure. But I appreciate you double checking it for me!

Version 1.2 fixes this bug for you, along with a couple of others. Sorry for the delay, but I finally got time to do bugfixes tonight! Thanks again for letting me know.

Awesome, I’m really happy to see that, thanks for letting me know!