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I like this game a lot. :) Thanks a lot this experience too, and for sharing it together with the code as well! I'm a newcomer and started learning Godot recently. So far I'm really happy :) If I'm right I think this is the corner-case bug mentioned by cassowary:

 Thanks a lot for commenting, really glad you liked it too!

 The source code is very messy, but I sincerely hope you can learn a thing or two from it. An additional tip is to always try to make things simple while coding: Godot makes it really easy to do stuff that is complex on other engines, and while this is a great help, sometimes we as developers can end up spending a lot of resources on something that could be made simpler. I'm not a master at this by the way, but I thought this tip might help you :)

 Thanks for the video with the bug as well! Could you tell me which version of the game you were using? I could swear I fixed this bug on version 1.0.1 (the version at Github is the jam version, where the bug is still present... once the game is finished, I should release it's source again, with a more organized code as well!).


Hm.. I installed it from client on Linux. This what I was able to research for the version:

$ ./diver_down-linux64.x86_64 --version


$ md5sum diver_down-linux64.x86_64

a983f185cddde39880d9acc37174265a  diver_down-linux64.x86_64

On it is reported as : game 318624, version  #1105963

 Thanks for replying! I've managed to reproduce the bug, and already am trying to fix it hahaha