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Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

This was a cool horror game about the main character performing an insane exorcism on a really powerful demon. I did not expect the game to be so challenging and difficult after playing the game for only few minutes XD. I did not manage to overcome the demonic boss but I did enjoy the fight when I was fighting with the boss. I felt that the game would be better if more was done before fighting the boss, such as more things to do at the start of the game at the bar to build up to the climax of the story and maybe smaller demons to fight with before fighting such a powerful demon boss so that the player can get some fighting experience beforehand.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thanks for giving the game a go! I agree with your comment -- there is a lot that we can do to improve the game leading up to the fight.