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So, It would appear I'm one of the few to complete the game and upload it! Quick review: FOV was way too low for my liking, Screen effects from getting hit were terrible and rendered the game unplayable from getting hit 3 time, forcing people to restart, No clear indication of exactly what to do and where to do it, as well as unclear when holding an item (Recommend an icon on screen when holding an item) Got stuck A LOT while trying to traverse the house, also VERY DARK, consider adding a brightness slider please. All in all, looking past all the bugs and or issues. It was a decent game and somewhat fun to play Story was cool, and the monster was unique. i give it an 8/10. You can watch my full playthrough of the game as well as how to finish it, below! Thanks!


Super awesome seeing you figure out and beat the game! We will absolutely be updating how the blood on screen works, and adding a little more direction. Glad you enjoyed over all, thanks for sharing your video!

No, problem! I always like helping and encouraging fellow creators!