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While there are some minor hiccups that seem inherent to first person platformers, this was damn fun! The gradual increase in difficulty and addition, or rather informing, of mechanics was smooth and intuitive as well as the fact that the little bit of gunplay only facilitated more platforming mechanics.  My only real qualms are that there are some instances where the requirement of looking in a direction to dash made it really hard to land precisely, and that there seemed to be some hidden mechanics in the boost spheres that would dictate your speed and height. Really fantastic work here!

Hi Coal, Simone from the dev team here!

First of all thanks a lot for taking the time to play our little student project, we all appreciate it a lot!
Your feedback was spot on and after seeing many people play our game at conventions i can tell you didn't do half bad! 
As stated by my fellow designer on youtube the dash is frozen on the Y axis, still we should have communicated that more clearly and you were 100% right about the need for slightly bigger platforms. 
For what concernes the jump spheres inconsistencies it is a little glitch we didn't have time to fix which shows up when you move holding more than one key (doing that makes you go slightly faster); the issue gets amplified by the boost given by the spheres (we also should have communicated that boost better). 

Hope you enjoyed it enough to check out our future works and the ones done by other teams in our school!
Cheers and thanks again,
Simone Cibrario, Lead Designer Airfall