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Awesome game! Cool mechanics, I really liked it! You could turn it into a decent mobile game, if you add monetization, online scoreboards and social features, and also play with difficulty a little. I mean if you get the hang of it, money don't drop to the dangerously low level before project number 5. Which is not a bad thing in itself, since this is a gamejam submission. Graphics (for the characters especially) look a bit jaggy, as if some pixels are too small and are therefore skipped and not drawn (maybe it's anti-aliasing?), and I don't know hot to change the game resolution or window size to check if I there's a way to get a better image.  - Pavel


Hi Daromaru !

Thank you for you perfect feedback ! This game was designed for mobile device (and we think about a better mobile version)! Graphics aren’t perfect because we didn’t have time to work on compression/resolution in a row ! 

I see. Well, good luck ^^