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The game is great! Bugs do tend to show, I was able to get over 1000 points in score somehow, and the last 2 digits didn't show, you could make dificulty modes, as it seemed pretty easy once you get past a difficulty curve, and the game went unresponsive after i had made about 7-9 games.

Thank you for playing, and good job on getting a 4 digit score! :) We see that people are getting higher score more easier currently, as the components can exceed 5 stars (Still very hard tho). :) We have a non-bugged version, (which also makes the game harder) on newgrounds, you can find us in the featured games or the link below. We will have that version ready in our itch page after the BTP game jam is complete.

Thank you for the reply! I am going to play the newgrounds version as the jam version was very good despite being a bit buggy, good luck with future development!