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Thanks! I, the sick fuck I am, anticipate it.

This game was great, and the (sorta) twist and backstory were great! Graphics were stunning and minimalistic.

Sup Runey,

Will v0.6 be downloadable for free or just as a patreon member?


someone salty? Bait? Hook in ur cheek? Easy Bai t?

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lol furry lmao


Thank you for the reply! I am going to play the newgrounds version as the jam version was very good despite being a bit buggy, good luck with future development!

The game is great! Bugs do tend to show, I was able to get over 1000 points in score somehow, and the last 2 digits didn't show, you could make dificulty modes, as it seemed pretty easy once you get past a difficulty curve, and the game went unresponsive after i had made about 7-9 games.

ive had this problem too

I L O V E this game! The concept is great, the style is great, the difficulty is perfect, all around the best game I've played all summer, including mainstream stuff.

Lovely game, but a few bugs are that sometimes the bats dont shoot their spheres becuase they are in the wall, hopefully this helps! (also make 'r' switch between weapons, it will help!)