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Aah, love the BG!

But seriously, good luck with the bad ending writing (and redrafting) - I expect a lot of feels with that!

Recently I've been playing Kokuchou no Psychedelica (Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly), and I'm about halfway done, but it's already in my top 3 otome games. And well, I was thinking how incredible it is that The Winged Ones still is in that top 3 even though it's not even a commercial game. It's also the only indie game in the lot. 

Though I wouldn't want you to feel pressure as to "I hope Bermuda Triangle won't disappoint after that" or something of the sort! I'm pretty sure already the games will be SO different comparing them would be pointless. Not to mention... well, I myself don't feel disappointed in cases like that because if I love a game as much as I love The Winged Ones, few things compare to that anyway, so yeah. It was so much of a life-changing experience to me.

Thanks Konoi!
Wow, I'm very honored to hear Winged Ones is still in your top 3 >///<

I haven't played Psychedelica but I heard good words about it!
And yes, I also hope Bermuda will be as good if not better from its sibling :'3 there are some polishing to do, but things are pretty much set aside from their bad ends and antagonist route *cough* that route is still volatile in my head and will probably evolve along the way :'))

Thank you for encouraging me and for being here with me, Konoi! *hugs