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Potentially in the next update you could update the walk through as well staining where to find the cables which are needed to create the first item for the second Town character you can't even complete their initial thing to continue on with what they do because I have searched the whole map and I have yet to find the cables that are needed to create the wires.

I cannot find the '' fried cables'' either , i think he's supposed to give them to you? Or maybe we have to find them through some events ?

Also there is a small bug ( i don't know if anyone talked about this already , if anyone did I apologize for being redundant ) when you give lightrot to Ophion it sometimes multiplies the number held by 2 each time , easily getting to 2048 within a few iterations , consequently showing your funny message , asking '' how did we even get to gain so much'' :D.

Once again let me tell you how amazing you are  , i wish you the best of luck.