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Only once tho, he doesn't do anything when you wink to tease him he just says things about the "breeding of a lifetime" , but he does nothing and in his final stage of his corruption route you can only top.

Same with Kanathar , at one point you must win otherwise nothing happens and submitting becomes useless

Also mine didn't want to be a critique about the game ( as i said i really like it) I just hope that maybe ( maybe also after reading this :D) one day in the future he might add more things that i like .

I think it's all the same , it just gives you different dialogues .

You can try :




Torgar does nothing i tried

I love this game , i really do... but please also add  options to bottom more often (  whenever you wantof course)

It's heartbreaking to be surrounded by all of this goodness and be forced to top or not submit :,(

I want Torgar to destroy me

Bello sapere che ci sono uomini che sanno apprezzare queste cose anche qui ahah , ho dato un'occhiata alla tua pagina furaffinity , sono belli i tuoi disegni e anche kinky ;) continua così 

Not really... Unless you edit the Actual archive.rpa  or you change too many values in the save file

(1 edit)

Yes , anche tu?

I know, I did that... but i love them so i wish for more content about them , that's what I meant with my post , thanks for answering anyway and also thank you for the info about Hayden . I didn't know sorry

You can do it only by editing the save file itself .

You have to find the variable associated with your choice .

Here's how i did it , i opened the archive.rpa with notepad++ ( that you can find in the "game " directory) and found the section regarding that choice to see which variable meant what

Then I edited the savefile on Saveditor online

i don't know why they haven't implented the possibility to capture every type of red orc enemies ( with a Game Over where they F you so much that you lose your mind and they take over from that)...

I honestly would prefer new content for "forgotten" characters like Hayden or the Rat King instead of brand new content ( just for a while)


This.Is.An.Amazing.Game. Thank you for existing Hyao


I Miss Zoroj

Thank you very much  :) , i apologize for my inability to find It myself .

Also I hope that Zoroj Will be back soon

Did something happen to zoroj ? I've not been seeing him much in lustful desires lately.

Can someone tell me anything about It ( if there's anything to be told)

I cannot find the '' fried cables'' either , i think he's supposed to give them to you? Or maybe we have to find them through some events ?

Also there is a small bug ( i don't know if anyone talked about this already , if anyone did I apologize for being redundant ) when you give lightrot to Ophion it sometimes multiplies the number held by 2 each time , easily getting to 2048 within a few iterations , consequently showing your funny message , asking '' how did we even get to gain so much'' :D.

Once again let me tell you how amazing you are  , i wish you the best of luck. 

I don't know how many writers they have , but if u read anything from azulookami than you would know that he does this all the time , constantly teasing with the "i would like to tell you or be with you , but i can't/ it's better not for now" , and he does this a lot.

Sometimes it adds to the excitment and general build up of things , sometimes it's downright annoying .

Having said this , i personally enjoy most of his things with just a few exceptions.

Sir I have to say that you are absolutely amazing ( at least for me ). I've thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the game and as a submissive  bottom you made me very happy. Although sometimes overly descriptive , I feel like that it just adds to your personal style , thus is a very good thing nonetheless. I really hoped to have more action with Ophion the half titan.

At the end you said that you feel proud about your game and accomplishment and you SHOULD feel that way ,because your writing is stunning (again, at least for me).

I've also read some other of your creations like :

- HELL GAME - It was very nice , not enough content to satiate me though( but that's my problem so don't worry ahah), I loved the minotaur , the nightmare, the claymen and the half-slime the most, again wonderful writing.

-Deep Within the forest- very little content sadly, but one thing hit me , you mentioned Kikinak and the Secret of killing , which if memory serves me , are a character and an item respectively from jade cocoon : The legend of the tamamayu. If i'm right then I can only appreciate you more and you certainly have good taste in games.

I apologize  for the lengthy  message , but I wanted to express what i think properly , also I didn't know where to contact you without seeming inappropriate ( like messaging you directly).

To wrap it up , you are amazingly great Sir , keep doing what you're doing please , because you do it very well. I wish You the best and be happy ^^.

I LOVE when power bottoms become aggressive tops , in fact i love cernunnos (although his last change is a bit much) , rowan (pls make more for him as a dom top ) and murphy the orca , if only he had dom options.

Love this game , keep up the good work ^^