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Sir I have to say that you are absolutely amazing ( at least for me ). I've thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the game and as a submissive  bottom you made me very happy. Although sometimes overly descriptive , I feel like that it just adds to your personal style , thus is a very good thing nonetheless. I really hoped to have more action with Ophion the half titan.

At the end you said that you feel proud about your game and accomplishment and you SHOULD feel that way ,because your writing is stunning (again, at least for me).

I've also read some other of your creations like :

- HELL GAME - It was very nice , not enough content to satiate me though( but that's my problem so don't worry ahah), I loved the minotaur , the nightmare, the claymen and the half-slime the most, again wonderful writing.

-Deep Within the forest- very little content sadly, but one thing hit me , you mentioned Kikinak and the Secret of killing , which if memory serves me , are a character and an item respectively from jade cocoon : The legend of the tamamayu. If i'm right then I can only appreciate you more and you certainly have good taste in games.

I apologize  for the lengthy  message , but I wanted to express what i think properly , also I didn't know where to contact you without seeming inappropriate ( like messaging you directly).

To wrap it up , you are amazingly great Sir , keep doing what you're doing please , because you do it very well. I wish You the best and be happy ^^.


hey! thank you for the long comment! it's always good to get feedback on my stuff, and i'm glad you enjoyed my writing. it's definitely true it can sometimes be a little bit wordy, but at this point, yeah, that's just part of my style.

yeah, as you may have noticed, 'deep within the forest' in general is heavily based off of jade cocoon, it's just that i never got it finished to the point of fully removing all the jade cocoon names i was using as reference. it's definitely one of the old PS1 games i think back to fondly.