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i do have some scattered notes & a dev build for a "1.2" version, but it's not something i'm actively working on right now. the game might see future updates, but don't hold your breath.

whoops! yeah, i guess hitting the back button in the browser would normally work to get out of a situation like that, but not if you're playing inside itch's frame. anyway, i fixed both of those in the draft so when i get around to releasing 1.2 those'll both be fixed. glad you like it despite those bugs V:

hah, yeah, i always found a lot of the sexual assault sexy rpg fights goofy and dumb. and i mean, i still do, it's just tht this is a goofy and dumb game concept, so,,,

tbh i'd probably want to tone down the tentacle groping if the sexual assault flag is turned off but that would mean writing even more strip splices. but ideally if it's turned off they'd only want to, you know, cocoon you up and nonsexually infect and murder you. aaanyway

i had kind of considered some goldar-esque lieutenant, but that would probably involve broadening the scope of the game (climactic boss fight? romance path??) so idk if i want to really commit to that. probably if i 'finish' it, the first draft will just be what's already outlined there: one scene each with each of the team members, plus whatever incidental interactions in the various 'they save you from tentacles' scenes. plus incidental scenes with the public/other superheroes. i mean i do have a handful of other scenes for a theoretical 'real life' section of the game where you're not transformed, but, i don't exactly want to turn it into a life sim either.

oh yeah iirc that's just something that happens randomly -- i didn't write every possible strip order permutation so some of them error out if they happen to be drawn randomly. i think that's what that error means, at least. really with that game it's much more of a proof-of-concept than anything at all usable/playable

so, idk, what'd you think of it? obviously it's a little hard to say since it's so minimal, but, y'know, whatever thoughts you had would be nice to hear

they should all be reachable i think -- the way it works is that it cycles through 'fight' -> 'tower scene' -> 'another fight' loop, counting up the way the fights end.

winning with any part of your suit still on gets you 'rainbow dragon' points, winning stripped to underwear / jock / naked gets you 'strip' points, and losing gives you 'infection' points. once one of them hits three, you get the relevant ending after the fight. so the other two endings you haven't got should be gettable by losing fights: one with the 'bad ending' flag turned on, the other with it turned off.

you can't actually throw anything out, though i guess i could see why you might want to do that. iron rods you can dig up in several places, but maybe the most identifiable are the two 'rust desert' sectors just north and south of brulvundojn's lair.

cables... so this is actually something i've patched in the current (still-unreleased) version, but currently you can only dig up frayed cables in one place: those same two rust desert sectors, randomly mixed in with a bunch of other stuff. you can dig up ancient resin at the tree or at either of the two canyon locations. you can dig up worn wires a bunch of places, but most easily from directly south of yapu. using those you can craft cables in your workshop.

(there's not a lot of guidance for any of these and probably in a later version i'd want to add people telling you about digging locations for various items, or track which things you've dug up where and tell you, or something like that.)

hah, yeah, i know there are a bunch of people mad at tfgamessite for being almost-all m2f stuff, but hey there's always room for making your own stuff, you know? anyway glad you like this game!

haha, well, thank you!

i actually already have a patreon, though i haven't really done a lot with it for the past several, uh, years. at some point i'll probably get invested in another big game project, but idk when really

yeah, if i was doing this all over again from scratch i'd probably do the worldmap as an actual map or something, to make it a little more legible. oh well!

you can get shredded tires at the concrete highway -- that's the place with the description "The desert here is shaped by an ancient roadway, with crumbling concrete overpasses forming hills or hollows, and long sinuous curves of highway now cliffs and arches in their ruined state. Giant chunks of ancient masonry dot the landscape, as natural as a rock bluff to the insects and birds that live here."

hey, thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed and i'll definitely have some new stuff to post, uh, at some point :V

thank you! yeah the material accumulation part of the whole 'crafting mechanic' could use some work; it's kind of fiddly to actually use.

there's a weird little ASCII-art diagram of the world map in the walkthrough section. prior to 1.1, the world map was a 7x7 square with the corners missing; the 1.1 patch added three more rooms in the southeast, so now it's kind of lopsided.

unfortunately twine doesn't really have any built-in internationalization/translation support, so any kind of translation would basically have to be a completely parallel game. like, i'm not opposed to coding it, that's the easy part, but it would be translating something like 300k words, so it's not super practical

i have a bugfix update more-or-less ready but in terms of new content, probably not for a while/ever; i'm working on other stuff right now.

afaik, unrulydogboy took demitransference down for personal reasons and i have no clue if he ever intends on reuploading it anywhere.

it's back up! also, glad you're enjoying the game; it was a lot of work but maybe a little too ambitious for a first project.

yeah, the sysadmin who manages the domain is going through some stuff and is presumably unable to host the domain. it might be back up in a month or so, or maybe i'll have to rehost it somewhere else.

IIRC, i lowered the threshold by a point or two, and i no longer know if it's still possible to get a 'perfect hand' of everybody staying + everybody else available as exiles. part of this was because there's actually more content for exiling characters than having them stay in the village, since raven and max also have their own exile recruitment sidequests, whereas generally once somebody stays they just kind of vanish from the game. plus a bunch of people complained about it being very difficult to 'win' at all.

(the ideal solution would just be to add in more village content for all the characters, but, well, that's a lot of content.)

yeah, probably, but i figured since the game is 100% text, no images, and roughly 90% of that text is very explicit pornography it would be difficult to really get any screenshots that conveyed much of any meaning.

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no, it's just tracking currently. i had considered letting the player retrigger sex scenes, but since a lot of them depend on a whole host of variables (not just pc transform state, but all sorts of other gameplay variables) it would be kind of a mess to actually replicate the sex scene as you saw it.

there uh, is something like a way to revisit any scene in the game though, but it's more of an easter egg/debug option: on the title screen, there's a nearly-invisible pi symbol at the bottom, just to the right of the left margin bar (hitting ctrl+a to select all text will make it show up easier). click on that to get to the debug options, and then click on the EVERY PASSAGE IN THE GAME link. from there you can ctrl+f to the passage title (or character name or w/e else) for any given sex scene, most of which are the same as the text for the sex scene in the sex scene list. but since that doesn't track pc tf state, some things might be different than when you actually triggered that scene ingame

probably not for a while! i'm working on other projects right now, & while i have an outline for a '1.2' patch i'm not working on it at all and i have no immediate plans to work on it in the near future.

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okay so i finally got around to fixing this one! 1.1c should fix it (at the cost of slowing down overworld movement, since you have to wait for the transition to finish now)

fun fact if you go out of bounds directly north from the town, you can reach all the cut content that originally made up the latter half of the game. i was not expecting my hyperlink text adventure game to have OOB glitch to access cut content but that's gamedev! :V

yup, on the title page. it's not 100% complete but it covers how to reach most things

there's brief explanations for how to get various tfs in the 'walkthrough' section on the title page; the ones marked as 'animal' in the code are 'knotted dog dick', 'six nipples', and 'coarse fur across your forearms and calves'.

huhh, yeah, i see what you mean. it seems to be timing-based, where if you move during the scene transition it uses the prior cell's directional state instead of the current cell's. presumably while twine is doing the transition both passages are loaded and so my code grabs the wrong copy, or something.

well thanks for the bug report; i'll see if i can fix this one!

they're counting the 'animal' mutations, as opposed to the 'ĝheist' ones which are yellow. the vast majority of mutations are ĝheist, though, so it's entirely possible to play through the entire game and not get a single new 'animal' mutation.

his tent moves around randomly between some of the tiles on the northwest of the map, in a horizontal line across the very northern edge

whoops! i'm gonna collect a few more bugs like that and then put out a minor bugfix release in a bit

yeah mechanics balance is... complicated. since crafting ended up being useless, i ended up adding some stuff you can do with it in 1.1, but that means that... you have to do some crafting to unlock a few sex scenes, which feels very weird since it's the only thing in the game that's gated in that kind of way -- even though for crafting to be "not useless" it would need to gate something, since that's how mechanics work. it makes things feel more transactional in a way & i'm not entirely sure if i like it, but, w/e.

also ohhh, yeah okay i dug into the ophion encounter code and figured some things out, & now backing out will let you rerun the initial exchange

anyway 1.1 will be releasing on the 12th! that's the totally arbitrary date i decided on two weeks ago when i had more-or-less finalized everything.

not an apk, no, but the html file download should be playable as usual on any phone with a web browser

wow, ty! i'm glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the big comment! it's always nice to her people's thoughts on my game stuff.

yeah, when i wrote this game i really wanted something that was much more... lateral in its progression, rather than having content gated behind, like, mechanical puzzles. i've definitely had more than enough of rpg-lite sex battle systems, or w/e. i've actually thought a lot about the process of balancing porn with mechanics for porn games, since for future projects i'd like to have some mechanics, but like you say it's really difficult to balance just because game mechanics generally aren't, y'know, fun to interact with if you're looking for a bunch of porn. at the same time, i do think some more gradual pacing could help there be more of a buildup for the actual sex. but it's a difficult thing to work out.

pc-focused prostate milking scenes are a good idea -- i don't think there's any in the game, but that's something i'll keep in mind for later versions when i try to flesh out the sex scenes list even more. ultimately, a lot of tfs don't have as much impact in the game as i'd like, just because of the enormous amount of writing filling out all the different permutations takes. i'm glad you enjoyed what was there, though! (actually originally there was a mutation, 'wide hips', that determined whether you could actually take some of the biggest dicks, but then i never ended up writing all the various branches in the various sex scenes that would've used it, since it turns out taking a huge dick is generally more interesting than not taking a huge dick. :V 1.1 adds a single scene that changes slightly if you have it, but that's still it.)

also yeah, i'm just now finishing up the final new scene for the 1.1 version! so expect that after not much longer, & hopefully you enjoy all the new scenes.

with ophion -- there was some code that was supposed to slowly regenerate his lightrot supply over time, but it was bugged and only triggered the first time you visited him, instead of every time. so in the current version, you'd have to manually bring him lightrot crystals to get more injection scenes, i think (and the option for that doesn't even show up unless you already have some on you, so it's difficult to even tell that that's an option available). anyway i fixed the bug, and made his dialog options reflect some of that, so it should be way clearer in the soon-upcoming 1.1 release. also i fixed the issue with djen, too.

i'm actually putting the finishing touches on a major "1.1" patch (that has about 80,000 new words of content) right now, so hopefully that should all be ready to post before too much longer

unfortunately, probably not. there is already a downloadable .html file, if you can run that locally, and the direct url to's hosting server is, if either of those help. but it's not super practical for me to make a whole electron wrapper for the game and try to support that across a bunch of platforms.

hey, i'm glad you liked the game!

hell game is hosted over here, though it's less of a 'game' with a 'plot' and more a collection of demon & monster porn sex scenes.

(crafting has no practical use but if i ever finish the 1.1 patch it'll be used in a few places for sidequest stuff)

hah, that's a blast from the past. the thing with that fic is that i've actually written something like 100,000 words of it, but it's all in fragmentary half-finished chapters, so the reason why i never posted any more of it is because i never finished enough of 'chapter 2'.

that being said, i've linked the wip a few times and it's currently uploaded on my server if you feel like wading through a whole lot of disconnected gears of war porn.

the hell game newsposts are probably a better place, even if they're months/years old.

but anyway it's a little non-obvious. when you start a game, you start next to an obelisk called DEMO SHOP where you can buy bodyparts. at the bottom of that page, there's a button labeled 'EDIT BODY'. in there, clicking on a colored square and then on an unequipped bodypart slots that into your body at that location. some people on 4chan actually made a video of how to use the interface; it's really not my proudest moment as a game developer :V

hey! thank you for the long comment! it's always good to get feedback on my stuff, and i'm glad you enjoyed my writing. it's definitely true it can sometimes be a little bit wordy, but at this point, yeah, that's just part of my style.

yeah, as you may have noticed, 'deep within the forest' in general is heavily based off of jade cocoon, it's just that i never got it finished to the point of fully removing all the jade cocoon names i was using as reference. it's definitely one of the old PS1 games i think back to fondly.