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yes does it have to stay in and I make a copy to use if so thank you for the help I thought I had just moved it last time because I couldn't find the original file.

I have tried to download the game and play on my computer but when I have tried to play it it says error don't have this image displaying app or something else butt I find them in the file that I just downloaded. I will admit that it could be my computer but it's specifically asking for the things I find in the file.

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Will there be a update for Android device.

I don't know if you can fix this but there seems to be an issue with downloading the latest version of the game. It could be the website or my service but I thought it was best to tell you so if it is on your side it would be fixed. You don't need to be yelled at if it is the site or my service.

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i will say this that it is less about being able to write the perspective and more about having fun with it. Just to show a possible way to write it is a battle of instincts of do I eat the prey or protect them. Another thing to write could be that its a rare thing that if you go protect you could be eaten or eat other preds and as a thank you you have the hot little prey bouncing on your cock while you Digest your own personal prey.

PS I am not a writer or am good at writing stories because you ask me to hand write it and it disappears you asked me to type it it will also disappear from my head very quickly.

Writting on mobil and haven't played it yet but if you disrespection is even half as good as the game then it's great, but I do have a suggestion/ question of if you will possibly have a flipped story maybe as the brother or father or the same character but as a pred. 

I agree with kyoboar cock vore with the Fae King would be cool and could be a path out of the dungeon but in to a whole new one.

Yes. I am sorry I think I was half asleep when I wrote that.

Directions to stop working all together rather than becoming more tolerant to it. At least that is what I have found happening on the play through that I'm going through.

Love the game I do have one suggestion and it's actually a suggestion I will give to several other game makers on this platform that have a similar idea to you. They have a safe file set up but there is no way to remove save files that you may not want so accidental saves or saves that you're just tired of or want rid of cannot be removed. The suggestion is create a way to remove old saves and not just save over them. Thank you for your time reading this suggestion and I truly mean I love the game it is complicated but simple at the same time which is something I love. Essentially it's not so complicated that it becomes unplayable and you have no idea where to go or not so simple that it will be the equivalency of playing a child game.

Thank you for replying and answering.

I think I'm having the same problem.

What are the exact steps to get the Werewolf scene.

This is just a suggestion but what if after the main character gets a taste of cock fucking both getting their cock to somebody else's and receiving one into themselves they can do it with other NPCs and maybe receive special benefits from it, like with the potion seller with him you could gain his ability to mix the potions that you receive into one mega potion effect, or with imp you gave me ability to grow somebody with your cum. For you to be able to gain the effects you have to do this more than one time with each one as a way to properly obtain it your body is slowly learning how to do it how to do what they do. Another detail about this is that once the player is big enough and their cock is big enough the Nyxs creatures rather than going through the mouth can go through the cocks entrance.

Love the game My only real complaint is that it seems the main character has to have a pussy to get pregnant would love if you could potentially change that not to say it's critical for it but it just doesn't seem like male pregnancy to me if they have a vagina.

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Maybe the main character could have some way of doing that and more. I remember that you said that there would be other rooms in the sanctuary well one of those rooms could be a dungeon or like a prison and maybe one of the other characters could be like the warden of said prison. The way the player would place someone in the prison is by swallowing them rather than them just being pulled into the sanctuary because they are accepted in they are forcefully pulled into a specific part of the sanctuary which is the prison. Another room could be connected directly to the idea of cock vore where it leads to a contamination/decontamination area.

1. For a contamination room the character would be a hybrid of some kind and would be able to contaminate anyone pulled into the contamination area because it seems to be that contamination goes through cum and sexual interaction.

2. For a decontamination room the character much like above would be instead of hybrid would be human and would be able to remove the affliction of any character or creature that is not human if they were human to begin with otherwise it will create potentially a hybrid effect.

3. For the dungeon it could also double as a playroom if you will essentially all characters within the dungeon area are used as a way of sexual relief for other people in the sanctuary who are not locked in the dungeon and as a way to induce the idea of loyalty to the player and to the characters in the sanctuary.

4. Anal vore could be used as a direct path to an area similar to the sewers, swamp, caves, a farm like area and the way it would work is the fact that those placed in that area help to supply the player and all others in the sanctuary with food if time still flows similarly no matter where they're at.

5. Another effect with the cock vore is that if they choose not to be decontaminated or contaminated they will be an amplification through assimilation as a result the players stats and come load could be changed to have different effects based on whether it's when they have absorbed or not. The assimilation would not be fatal in any way shape or form and they would not completely vanish what I believe what happened is they would then be forced into the milking room which would essentially equate to the players prostate area and essentially they would be milked continually for their cum any player could interchange what their balls are loaded with as they see fit based on the interaction and if you want to leave the character the same or change them without having to be a completely different creature or some sort of hybrid.

6. An idea I just had is that there could also be what I have come to the term of cock fucking and essentially it's like the process of sounding but with somebody else's dick going down your dick and this could be a process that could happen with characters with a larger cock size or smaller cock size then the player and the player wants to have some changes rather than it always being up the ass or swallowed for the conversion to begin maybe the player gets their balls loaded with another creatures loaded.

7. Another idea I had was the concept of the almost impregnation that comes with the slime maybe there is a way that the character could become impregnated with a similar entity or creature through the cock and maybe this is what leads the character to be able to cock vore.

8. Another idea for all of this is that the player can set up situational events for characters that will not and cannot be in the sanctuary. A demonstration of this is the man at the mechanical room with the dog creature for instance forcefully stripping the man of his ass covering gets the dog to mount him and you could join in possibly and maybe as a result rather than getting the man you get the dog creature on your side and add him to the sanctuary or potentially you could add both as a result of doing his quest and getting him fucked by the dog creature.

9. Hopefully the final idea for this at the moment your thoughts on mpreg and based on the idea with the slime and Rohan and potentially what you have planned for the stone golem eggs you seem to be receptive of it. A thought I had is that the player could also become impregnated with non-egg laying  creatures and the way this would work is near the bladder through the prostate the player would have a womb of some type The reason I say through the prostate is because the prostate would work much like the cervix keeping me baby in until the player gives birth. I do believe that the character would take the same amount of time as with the slime or the stone golem eggs potentially as to not inconvenience the play of the rest of the game. Another thing that could happen is that while the player is pregnant with an actual baby the creatures that the player may interact with and had sex with maybe able to impregnate the player again while they are still pregnant or potentially impregnate the baby and convert the baby into a hybrid for a tribrid even. The baby could be automatically added to the sanctuary as a nondescript unless you so choose creature that could convert the player into a chimera or hybrid of it for easy access two different conversions.

P.S. sorry this one is so long I just kept having ideas pop into my head that I wanted to suggest and that is all these are are suggestions you are still the Creator and so far you've been creating something amazing despite the fact it's just you you have no help and it's already this amazing that people want to try and help in any way they can.

I personally wonder if it's at all possible to add in the capability of vore for the character you've already added this concept with the Lost serpent consuming the character and gaining muscle from them. What if it could be done in reverse except considering the fact that you have the character essentially doing sounding using their cock either on the serpent or the serpent cock on the character. What if the character could consume the Lost serpent entirely into their cock and potentially begin a process of de-corrupting the lost serpent in way of consuming the corruption. Essentially the way I see it working is the serpent is taken into the character and then for a three or four turns the character churns the serpent in there balls absorbing corruption into themselves for a period of time and removing it from the serpent completely but in this process the character could also corrupt other creatures using their own cum and swallowing the characters into their ball's and corrupting them to the side of the character essentially they would become devoted followers of the character rather than being lost or some other creature potentially even changing the creature significantly. The character could also obtain the ability to swallow other characters into their stomach reducing the amount of bulk that the opponent has as a type of attack if the character has enough power to do so this would not entirely be about size this would be about power but the size would mean a significant boost in power for this skill.

Another concept I was thinking of was with the Nyx creatures if the character is large enough rather than them being consumed through the mouth and added to the character they could be consumed through the cock and go straight into the balls. Another thought I had is what is the slime could be added to the character as a addition similar to the bind ring or echo where it creates modifications to the character for instance the slime could make it to where the characters cum becomes sticky or extremely adhesive allowing for sigils to remain after being used and eventually it could be that the opponent becomes permanently marked by those sigils is hit with them enough time. Another way to sign could be beneficial to the character is that rather than just binding the schedules permanently to some opponents the slime could assist in binding the sigils together similar to the multi-sidual that Torgar has as an ability. Maybe the bastion should have a way to cleanse corruption through Able maybe with that the character could remove corruption if they start becoming corrupted to where they don't have to wait they can specifically select this and they will be in a process of removing the corruption completely from the character this process may not even affect echo for the simple fact it is a symbiote rather than a parasite like the corruption seems to work. There could be the ability to compact muscle essentially after you reach a certain size you can select an option at home you must have echo to do this but the way it won't work is that for several terms or cycles whatever term is used to represent days the character will be placed specifically in echo's form and the main body echo will then compact the muscle making it much denser and much smaller and depending on how high your size is the character can actually become significantly stronger and larger another thing is that depending on the size of the character when they begin the process they could select the process to be done more than once for instance if they are at godlike muscle size it could specifically be set to where the character returns to Herculean the character could still maintain their height and it would actually be encouraged that the character does to cut back the risk of the whole black hole idea another person suggested even though that would be an eventual possibility. Potentially the way this could work is that echo and the character have to train at the meteor site and that brings them closer together allowing echo to do more involving the character similar to the bind ring and training and sparring and growing the imp

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Is it possible that we may be getting an update on this game.

Have you heard anything from unrulydogboy about Demitransference and when he might be bringing it back.

First I would like to say that I was a little shocked that I was able to guess about the magic but now that I think about it the both are getting the player too help them do magic.

1 A way that it the other transformations could work is a centaur or Minotaur situation. The spider it could be like the last two or the player could grow two extra set of arms or one set of arms and one of legs. The golem could hardly change the shape but it would make the body grow rock and Crystal like extension's and Hardin the skin.

2 I want to suggest vore and you may have shown that it is a possibility with the guardian and the fungus pod but if it doesn't work for you as a preference that is fine the game is great without it and in my opinion would just be better with it but you are the one making it. 

1 I had the thought that you could add a prompt for sounding and I know that it's not a thing for everyone and it fuck cock. 

2 I had the thought that the ability to do magic could be what you get for saving the fairy king just as one of the ways to get it.

3 Possibly with the help of Anthony you could fuck the Guardian rather than having to be a Rat chimera.

4 Maybe the player could talk to Rohan and get a resupply of sayter cum and this could work for other people as well.

5 the golem there could be other transformers bast on a few of the other creatures like the golem, or the spider maybe one later on could be a horse.

I personally think it's a flaw in their own system that they should fix because it can be very problematic for creators and consumers because a very detail-oriented game that was started 3-4 years ago with what is considered miner updates by their algorithm could be nearly complete but it says it was last updated almost 2 years ago but in truth it was updated just last week.

Just wondering is this update on because if so it hasn't registered on site considering that the site States it was last updated almost 2 years ago which makes no sense based on what I'm reading in these comments. Honestly the fact that you're capable of doing this most people would have given up on even trying and it really stands for something that you are putting everything you can into this so thank you for the work you do on this game and with how much it's progressed.

Just wondering but when might be the next playable update. Also just a word of warning to the Creator and anyone else who reads this be sure not to let the roll back go into effect because it really scrambles the game on mobile devices as far as I've seen.

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Just wanted to see if it's possible to update the guide to be a little more detailed for instance understanding how long exactly it will take to Dan a certain transformed character or seeing where you might locate certain characters or certain items just as a thought and the only reason I ask here is because I don't know how to communicate on the community part. PS there is a major bug issue to where the game simply will not continue when selecting the companions on mobile devices and there's a point in which you have two multi-click if you will on multi devices to get certain functions to activate.

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Maybe as an option you could have the ability to grow mega balls, dick, and breasts with the parasite powers/skills.

Just wondering but when might we see an update to the game.

Personally I wonder what would be the bonus to it during the event because if so then it would have some value to do so.

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Completely understandable everyone has their own personal kinks and originally I really wasn't into the idea of water sports but it did eventually grow on me in a way still not a personal favorite but fun. And I do understand that the big long lines of text our problematic it's just so hard to type it out because almost as soon as it gets in my head and I have to put it on paper it disappears. Wanted to ask but would it be at all possible to alter the mpreg function to be compatible without having a male character grow a vagina if so please do if you don't mind. Because well I do understand the fact that it is my own personal head cannon if you will on how male pregnancy works I've seen plenty of stories and games do it similar ways to my head cannon and I guess that's why I'm that way about it.

PS glad to know it will be coming out soon because I honestly do enjoy the game and again I want to apologize for my negative remarks.

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I agree with the previous comment about water sports being a good idea for the future of the game. On that note would it be possible to potentially create a piss inflation kink specialty is a variation of the cuminflation. Just wondering but when can we see LD Plus are 37.0b for download on here or to play on another site.

PS I would like to apologize for getting so upset about the comments you made about my comments. I have a problem typing out what I want to say so I use talk to text on my tablet to put in what I want to say and it doesn't put punctuation. So I am sorry if I became hostile and it was inexcusable so again I say I am sorry. Also in case you haven't noticed I have deleted the comments that we're entirely based around my argument.

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It's at the succubus Tower is where you get the mana you have to become friendly with Rena and then you can request lessons in one of them will result in you gaining mana as well as a skill. You can also get skills from talking to the clerk at the bath house and become friendly with her and then you can spar with her and that is how you get a skill. The final skill that I know of you gain from by going to the bar that is in the slums and requesting the house special on the rocks which will allow you to enter the basement of the bar. Where you then have to fight through multiple people and eventually you will fight lin lin and eventually after two or three potentially even four fights with her you will gain a skill from her. Other than that I do not know. I hope that this was helpful to you.

I do understand that this is a lot to ask but please do understand that they are just suggestions of what could possibly be done not what has to be done. I do hope you understand I only make suggestions because I do like what you've been making and I'd like to see it continue growing and becoming even better that is the only reason for these suggestions.

Despite a prior comment made by the Creator I'm still happy to make suggestions for the game in the future if the Creator wants to use them. The latest suggestion is something that is a bit odd but it is on the similar concept and ties into the rubberizing pill made in the comment that had an ill reply from the Creator. For the women when they are become rubberized through whatever means would be implemented to do so it would allow for a woman to not only carry a child but to have her room penetrated during sex if the man's cock is big enough to reach past the cervix. I certainly hope that this comment has better punctuation for you indivi.