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I would but you've got the wrong guy for shmups T_T... I'd just get sad at how bad I am at it.

Some of your stuff looks rad though. I'm putting that stuff on my to-buy list for when the paycheck rolls in

Wow, thank you! Really appreciate it. I've been playing Jupe on a Goop on breaks from time to time, it's very well made and I'm still terrible at it, but I enjoy that a lot. Very Cool!

(It's totally different than a normal shmup, tho! It's like a party game, it has local multiplayer, it's not taxing at all on easy mode, lots of powerups and silly boss battles, think of it like what Smash Bros. is to battle games, or what Bomber Man is to... itself? Art direction reminds me a lot of your game! HMU if you're interested)

Heck, I'll give it a try. Send it my way and I'll drop some time on it some time this week. Kinda excited :D

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[redacted] Here you go :)

Gave it a try, left some pretty hefty feedback. I really like it, and it felt like a lot of fun! Just needs some WABAM and some more of the neat spicy weirdness you already put in there and you're looking at a good game gone to awesome game.