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Thanks! I'll be sure to credit anyways. Great assets.

Would love to know if this is free to use, and what license like the person below me.

Love the game! I would love to play with my USB gamepad though

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I'm going to put you on follow because once this gets some sweet polish on it, with the speedier gameplay I'll be throwing some hot cash at ya (same goes for Smoothie Galaxy)

This is the most fresh gameplay ive ever seen for an action platformer. It comes out a little slow, so it makes me wonder if there was a more fast-paced way of doing it, but it is still really great, and the characters are awesome.

Really fun, great gameplay, would love to see more of this beautiful world.

There is nothing cuter in this world than the moment that ghosty hits a wall. Adorable art, like the music, challenging gameplay

Hrmmm... nevermind then, I'm pretty sure Macs never got around to adding that functionality. My condolences.

Go into your volume mixer and mute it manually. Great game, it'd be a waste not to play, though the music is nice imo

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An absolute pleasure to play, great, relaxing music. A wonderful brain teaser, and truly innovative puzzle gameplay.

This game is awesome, love it so far. Please keep it up; some polish and content, and this is an easy buy at 10$

Great gameplay, charming art, but nothing is more charming to me as a player than the sound design in this game. I love that it changes as you get in danger, reflecting the lack of confidence, 24 faces in, and on your last hit. Well done.

This is really fun! Great little game, really cool gameplay and design

Love your work, looking forward to seeing more :D

"Failed to load asset menus/splash/scene: network error: 0"

Any way to fix this?

Thanks a bunch! Yeah sorry haven't given it a chance yet, gotta get someone to try it with me

This looks amazing. My only question is that, does this require two pcs (one for vive, one for PC player), or is it local to a single PC?

Loved it! Very cool game style and feel, audio is in great arrangement with the game feel.

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That was a lot of fun! Love the art and animations, the overall level design and mechanics loops were fun. Only complaint I had was the placement of the window to the battery (had to strategically place jump so that I didn't go up the ladder) and the tight jump of the ledge to the fruit, but that second one seemed intentionally hard. For 72 hours that's awesome, and I'd love to see more in this style.

I am absolutely loving this game right now. It has the creativity of a good thief game (i.e. resurrection potion/syringe into air filter, multiple ways to tinker generator), and the action of a good roguelite as you mentioned. Please keep up with the creative combinations, it's amazing.

I love your games! The gameplay is simple, but I love the heart that goes into it, and I actually relish how short they are because with a short game, I don't feel like I'm working towards a tedious goal, but just enjoying the ride. Keep up the good work and keep loving what you do :D

This is game is amazing, and probably the perfect blend and balances of tension, difficulty, control, simplicity, and wonder that I have had from a game in a long time. An honestly incredibly refreshing game. Please keep creating good, well-balanced games.