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Seems a fun tool, but the loop cut tool never goes where im clicking :( 
And it could do with a grid snap feature to make it easier to get things to line up :) 

Also being able to use wasd to move around while in edit mode would be lovely :) 

If you hold E down and drag a bit, it extrudes a bunch of times too, it would be great if it would only extrude once per press :) 


Hi Jofers, thanks for the feedback!

I'll fix what I can for the next update :)

Thanks, i'm looking forward to it, really liking the tool :D 


ive never bought assets off itchio before, how do i get notified when theres an update outside of just checking the page everyday? :) 

I'll post an update to followers on Itch when a new version is up, but you'll still have to download and re-install the package.

Thanks, im looking forward to it :)