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so the balancing seems a bit off, i put a good solid hour into this, and only ever got one legendary weapon and that was with 75 damage, and i only bought the 3,750 store option each time :(, so by lvl 250 when it takes more than a min to kill a monster i decided to quit.  seems like a decent game but definatly needs some tweaking.  maybe have each weapon add to the total damage done by the player, or have a way to sell off unequiped weapons specially since there is a limmited inventory, or maybe combine weapons to upgrade them, or have the scrapped weapons increase the chance for more epic loot, something is needed.

other than that its a decent looking game

Thanks for the feedback! I stopped working on this game to work on other things to improve my programming skills. But I will be coming back to this game and improving it more.

sweet, i will be happy to play/beta test if u need one, i love idle/clicker games, and have helped a few devs on steam beta test games, so if u need any insight/ideas or testing hit me up.