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nice re-imagining of backpack hero, love all the different bag types, i think it adds a lot more strategy and widens the variety of doing different builds great work, cant wait for steam release!!

is this on steam yet? really fun :)

i keep coming back and playing this :D are there still plans for a full release? ore maybe a steam port?

i dont remember the cutscene... that may have been why

if ur doing it for mobile i think press and hold to rotate should work, should also work for PC, or double tap to rotate :)

sweet :D

yeah i dont think i unlocked them :P

Fun fishing game, cant wait till its complete

LOVE IT! great job all around, good music, cute robot drones, lots of upgrades, played for a good two days before i maxed :)   

PS.  if you ever decide to do an idle sands 2 or continue improving  this one, i think instead of just throwing trash away you could have a recycle machine and use to research new stuff.  also since we can see the ocean, would love some ocean cleaning bots that can swim/float and maybe another screen showing the ocean with new bots.

Loved it, hope it gets finished :D

Short as it is with the lvl cap, but i love the theme and the darkness, please keep working on it, cant wait for more :D

was kinda bumed the rat with the machine gun wasnt in game yet, since its in the preview, but for what you have it all works smoothly, looking forward to further developments :)

like turn the crank but with fire, love it :D

Love the concept but none of the building upgrades work, at least not in the web version, they dont even change to being selected in the top right when clicked on.

no ores to mine load in the browser version just chests and a big empty map

Great game got all upgrades and explored half the map :)

played it for 3hrs straight, amazing game!!!!

spend 2hrs, great game so far, will def come back for more :)

love the concept, u should really expand on this idea, make a crap ton of enemies, and more upgrades etc, was really fun playing it :D

love it :D

i really like it, but it starts lagging bad after u get a full page of ducks,  even with all options turned down :(

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love it so far, night time needs to last as long as day time IMO, or have a permanent night mode unlock or something.  also need an auto collector, too many gems/coins slows the game to a crawl quick, couldn't even get half the plants in there. otherwise i love it :D  

OH and need a way to stagger the plants or be able to click through them, once u start filling it up, they cover each other are it gets hard to water/fertilize each plant as they overlap.

ya its now a flood plain loool

Great game, needs way more upgrades and research, and a story line would be nice :) more building more everything :)


Loved IT, beat it after two tries after the hint about the weapons affecing multiple characters :D, if u update it maybe make a way to rotate or snap weapons into positions, and maybe add upgrades to each weapon, but over all great job, had a great time playing it :)

maxed out and broke the numbers in bout 10min, nice storyline, but no ending ;(

Love it, more like a old school desktop screen saver simulator, would love a way to turn it into one  once u have the desired upgrades/settings :D

i like crabs

great game, loved playing it

2 bugs found, 1 when moving employees back, some food items try to go to them while moving and get stuck on the bottom half of the screen.  2.  also while moving employees back, if u do it enough times the employees start to overlap and u can no longer select the one underneath the overlapping portrait.  other than that great game :D

Great little game, had fun beating it, would love more bosses :)

timers around 5mill :D

worked great until the special surprise, that lagged the entire game into oblivion

stopped at 1000% marketing 100k each matt. would be nice to have a few more upgrades and stuffs to keep it interesting :)

the fighting part of the game stops working properly at lvl 30.  and the only equip that drops is armor.  all other parts of the game seem to work.

LOVE IT, my only complaint is the game stops running when not on the main screen, would be nice to have it run in background

Great game

works in full screen, but txt is very hard to read

pretty fun, built 5 buildings before i got bored.