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Love it so far, there are a few glitches where the character will attack enemies while facing away from them, and the character also sleeps in the bed backwards, but other than that, its running great, would love to be able to equip items or use items on the MC to increase stats or make for longer raids, (recovering HP).

Oh man, brings me back to the chrono trigger days, loved the sound track and the art, and really want to grind out some lvls but without a way to save ill wait for the full game XD, great job so far, it runs really smooth as well.

I like it, but need an upgrade that auto clicks each bag, currently only one can be auto clicked at one time (with the hold upgrade), which really makes the extra bag upgrades useless, other than that i like it alot.

The first 2 weapons max out after just 2 upgrades, and the rest of the guns have none, but what is in the game works well, look forward to many many updates!

Is there an end to the game? does the meteor ever explode? i bought more than 10 of every upgrade...

But i like it, its simple but cute...

Love the art, love the game play, lots to upgrade.  once out of alpha i would recommend putting this on steam, its very nice already!!

Loved every second of it while it lasted, really sad that the money cap ends a little over 2000000000 then goes negative and stops counting.  didnt even get to use half the upgrades :(, would love it if you expanded the game a bit, love the art style!!

more like stress causing, doesnt even make a fun clicker :(

FUN!  only issue i had was had to make it go full screen to see the upgrade buttons.

Beat it in 2051 clicks, man had to try 3 times, that was good an tough, would love a more idle/clciker version of this game, but had fun none the less.

i got pretty far, but i still have no clue what im doing lol, i like it, im just constantly confused :P

Love it so far, plays smoothly, would love some different enemies to fight tho...

Loved every second, wish it was longer with more upgrades, but yeah great game!!

Fun so far, all mechanics seem to work, looking forward to see how this goes

Well all the mechanics work as far as i can see, animation for the beer clicking works fine.  Need to add in some clicker upgrades that increase beers per click maybe have upgrades to all the beer making equipment or different brews to unlock, but so far its looking great!

great idle game, love the reality show concept too, keep it up!!

Well ive played A LOT of clicker games and tower defense games (pretty much all the ones on steam and most of the ones on this site) and i check back at least twice a week to see new games.  I am horrible at art and coding, but am happy to test or try out any new games :D, and i have a crappy computer so for this to work seamlessly in my browser made a really big impression on me cuz most indie games take forever to load or just crash before they are even playable.  So yeah keep up the good work man, and if you make another clicker or idle or some mix type of game, i would love to test it out!!

Love the chiptune sounding music!!, art style is nice too, would have liked a way to get the hype to 100% but still had a great time playing it.

bout half way through and loving it so far!!

Not sure how you pulled this off, but this is the smoothest running browser tower defense game i have ever seen, no lag even with the whole map filled and firing, love that.  Good amount of upgrades and takes a while to get to each one, i really am enjoying playing this.  Great Job!

I like the art style, kinda wish the upgrades affected the foxes look more or the location, but its cute.

I like being able to grow plants digitally: that being said only one evolution for each plant and only 3 choices of plants dosent give much to upgrade, but i enjoyed playing what little there is.

Fun so far, like the old school graphics.  keep it up!!

Well my friend i have played A LOT of clicker/idle games on itch and on steam, and i can tell you this one is way more towards the (full clicker game id pay money for) than just a proof of concept!!  

You have multiple upgrades, you have sound, you have back ground music, you have coin animations, and you have the cutest little anime chibi grub (that evolves no less) to click on.  This could totally go on steam right now for at least 5-10 bucks without making any changes!!!  

I would however like to request 2 things if you do decide to port and start selling (1. some kind of prestige or rebirth system, and 2. an auto collection for audience coins upgrade)  

I have yet to beat it, but im getting there...thanks for the fun cute game!!  And please ask you friend if he would make a seccond game with you or just expand this one and port it to steam, you cant let GEMS like this just die!!

lol that was the fasted job ive ever had working for the MAN!! haha nice game, i get the point, sadly i work in corporate IT so i totally get it lol.

Great music and clicking animation, love the relaxed atmosphere.  Would love a second version that is way longer or maybe a full blown clicker game.  Great Job.

Thanks for the online link Shengzeng, wondered why the game never loaded before...i can play now yay!! love the cute graphics, and the swole upgrade ROFL, i have a friend that has small dogs and the sound effects were great!!   would love way more upgrades if you ever decided to expand the game, i think it would do really well if you just added a lot more of everything!!

love the colors, dosent even hurt the eyes like i thought it would. needs more upgrades, maybe to make it spin faster or maybe start as a simple spiral and add in colors and pieces as you upgrade it...

It was fun for like 20min.  as soon as you buy the first manager the scaling goes crazy and it ends fast after that.

you may also be able to port it to steam, id pay a few dollars for it if there's lots more to do in the full version!!

Love the space plan esk theme you have going here.  Enjoyed playing it a lot, would love a version 2 with way more expansions, maybe some planets or wormholes to venture through that act as an rebirth system (like going through them wipes out all your progress, but you get some strange perk or side effect) lots you can do to make it better.  But love it so far!!

Beat it with 50 Bees! fun little clicker

i can only make it to lvl 8 without dying from the mages, and i cant get enough spare points to buy any further god upgrades, so im kinda stuck now till this updates or other features are enabled.  i like the game tho nice graphics, layout, music all good so far...

Love it!!, but i don't have a smart phone, any way i can get you to update this version so i can play the full game??


Very well balanced clicker game, love that you did you own sounds for the buttons!

Same took like 3mins :( kinda wish it was more of clicker game with upgrades for the beard like mens grooming products (combs, styling gels, hairsprays ect...) it ended so fast, beard gets longer way to fast and lagged the game forcing me to close it...

Well i got Tigran to lvl 42 but the scaling is way too high to keep me interested with just one upgrade.   The clicker button works well, the accepted animation works fine, everything you have so far looks nice and functions, just need to add more a lot more :D.   PS. whats with the campfire at the top right? i like it but whats it for??

Love the SOUND!!! kinda reminds me of the old dick tracey sound tracks from way back.  everything else was gravy, great little game!!

are the chests openable? i cant find a way to get any gold or loot to do any upgrading...other than that, graphics looks great, and it plays well in my browser.