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maybe turn this into an idle/clicker: start with a queen bee and expand :D

neat effect :D

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needs more monsters and way to turn gold to gems, also upgrades for noggin

nice concept so far, needs a sell all or make all button, and maybe the option to age the wine for more profits :)

Love the concept, could use some music and the ability to run in the back ground 

wont start for me, i get 

CGMZ_Temp is not defined

Fun game, it starts to lag a big after buying the final creature a few times, but still enjoyed it, good job!!

works great

Fun game, love the art style :D

i like the layout u picked, need to work on numbers tho, it goes into the negative after a little while

stopped at lvl 10, maaaan i really wanted this game to have upgrades, i want a cacti farm, multiple islands, different cacti breeds, and upgrades, this game could be so goood, but as it is, its a decent basic clicker build, please dev add more too it!!

Fun concept, needs to have a way to buy more than one upgrade at a time :)

beat it in 10min, but was fun :D

might be a bug, it keeps happening, if the game is closed and a baby ages up into a child it does not appear until the game is closed and re-opened. i got up to 8 villigers but my food ran out and they all starved lol, its hard to keep a good balance, since u cant mate 80 year olds with young'uns.  trying again :D

fun game, but after the 5th emoji the game start lagging really bad

nvm, i closed it and re-opened and the child showed up

ok so i just had a baby grow to a new villager but no new villager spawned (population shows 4/5) but i only have 3 on the screen :( 

i see im not the only one who has played way too much virtual villagers XD

For the most part i agree with Endovior, great concept, but having to reboot every time u get a firmware upgrade really kills the fun in this game.  My suggestion would be a "reboot" button so we can buy as many firmware upgrades as we can before rebooting and applying them. that should be easier that creating an entire presitge system.

OMG Images and even a!!!!!!!!!!   for real tho it needs well more haha.  start with click and idle (cookies per second) upgrades, id add as many as u can think of since this is a sequel :) , then maybe a prestige system, throw in some music then port to steam for a few $ and go from there XD  (personally id add some other cookie related things to click on, like cookie ingredients, stuff like that to keep the players interested)    let me know if u want more ideas i play loads of clicker\idle games :)

Nice clicker, everything worked fine for me (nothing broke).  would love to have an upgrade for the indie game part, or maybe make it harder to complete each new game but have it worth more each time.

BPS dosent work when buying berry bushes :(

Love the music, but it slows to a crawl after buying a few rebirths

got to 343 :)

good graphics, and a good concept, needs upgrades tho as there is nothing to do with all the gold.

nice little clicker, not sure what the coins button in top left does tho...

Love it so far, have played for 2 days and just unlocked the laser gun and spike traps :D

Beat it :D, was fun, enjoyed the cartoony graphics, would have loved separate contracts for the sky scrapers and the bank, otherwise great idle/clicker game! 

winning the lottery does not give u any $, supposed to win 2.5mill, but got nothing upon winning :(

Love the music and the concept:  but the timing was off, so it was really hard to ignore the music and get up to 8x power: but i never could find an enemy or move on the map

assuming there is only 2 maps? beat the chimera like 20 times but no more maps.  otherwise it was fun, i like the equipment management :D

Love the Concept, Love the Art, would love a bigger game with more USB and PC to download and upload to and maybe an animation for how full the USB drive is when downloading and uploading data, would keep my interest longer :D.  I did find 2 bugs: first if u press F while near the mainframe while the USB is downloading u will pick up another USB that is not usable in any device.  Second one is when buying keys if u buy more than 3 and u dont have space for the 3rd it just vanishes, no way to open all doors without restarting.   all in all great game submission, keep it up :)

best i could get was 45215

could fade to black then game could restart with more upgrades and 1 golden beetroot as the rebirth currency and go from there.

Fun Game, would love a longer version with more upgrades :D

was enjoying it until the upgrade image broke after lvl 15.  great idle game, would love to have the ram light up, or the fans in the background be moving, would def keep me interested longer :D

enjoyed it even tho i could not understand the language :D

is the pizza planet unlockable? loved it, had to try 5 times to beat it...

beat it :D, was fun, it did lag once all trees and upgrades were maxed out, but still playable.

well i let it sit overnight, and was not seeing any further upgrades, so i may have missed some if there were more at lvl 100 :P