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Love it, more like a old school desktop screen saver simulator, would love a way to turn it into one  once u have the desired upgrades/settings :D

i like crabs

great game, loved playing it

2 bugs found, 1 when moving employees back, some food items try to go to them while moving and get stuck on the bottom half of the screen.  2.  also while moving employees back, if u do it enough times the employees start to overlap and u can no longer select the one underneath the overlapping portrait.  other than that great game :D

Great little game, had fun beating it, would love more bosses :)

timers around 5mill :D

worked great until the special surprise, that lagged the entire game into oblivion

stopped at 1000% marketing 100k each matt. would be nice to have a few more upgrades and stuffs to keep it interesting :)

the fighting part of the game stops working properly at lvl 30.  and the only equip that drops is armor.  all other parts of the game seem to work.

LOVE IT, my only complaint is the game stops running when not on the main screen, would be nice to have it run in background

Great game

works in full screen, but txt is very hard to read

pretty fun, built 5 buildings before i got bored.

great semi-idle game, found both secret balls, but love the sound track more than the game, great job!! hard battle best track imo :D

works fine in full screen

i like it, nice graphic style

got 10 of everything in about an hour, everything worked, so great job mate :D

great idle clicker, love the graphics :D

seems to work fine now, i love loading bar games, will await further updates :D

worked for me when played in chrome, good start to an idle crafting game, keep it up :)

great clicker game, got 10 or everything before i stopped playing, great job

Fun idle game

game stops at lvl 10, cant upgrade further, liked what little i could play

love the new levels, and the day night cycle, have enjoyed it all over again :D

Loving it so far, needs to be able to run in the background tho, currently only works when its the active page being viewed (at least on the web version) not sure about the non web version.

beat it in 2hrs, loved the soundtrack, and graphics, all around good time :D

great little game, wish it was longer, but good job :D

worked for me, no issues, very chill game :)

its like space plan but opposite, i loved it :D

maybe turn this into an idle/clicker: start with a queen bee and expand :D

neat effect :D

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needs more monsters and way to turn gold to gems, also upgrades for noggin

nice concept so far, needs a sell all or make all button, and maybe the option to age the wine for more profits :)

Love the concept, could use some music and the ability to run in the back ground 

wont start for me, i get 

CGMZ_Temp is not defined

Fun game, it starts to lag a big after buying the final creature a few times, but still enjoyed it, good job!!

works great

Fun game, love the art style :D

i like the layout u picked, need to work on numbers tho, it goes into the negative after a little while

stopped at lvl 10, maaaan i really wanted this game to have upgrades, i want a cacti farm, multiple islands, different cacti breeds, and upgrades, this game could be so goood, but as it is, its a decent basic clicker build, please dev add more too it!!