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loved this one the most out of the other submissions, fun to play, and funny too, love how the dude slowly buffs up, great little clicker game!!

fun game so far, only problem i have so far is once u leave the town area, u cant get back to the town, or the next southern screen no options or button pressing, ur just stuck forever on the rat/wasp infested fields, would love to be able to travel back to town to heal/buy other items.

now that those bugs are fixed the game works great!! would love a way to save, and maybe some upgrades that affect the look of the train, keep up the good work!!

good potential, but as theres not save mechanic, i cant get past running into dead ends with the station locations exiting the screen, so really not worth putting any time into atm, fix some bugs and ill be happy to give it another shot

so i finally got to some stations, seems the sighs to click on for each new station sometimes go out of the playing view area, and then theres no where to go..., also the messages that display when the train is moving, are too high, they get 75% cut off, and cant be read.  would be nice to see how much $ we have on had as well, currently i cant find anywhere on screen that shows that. 

games looks great, and opens fine, but i am unable to click on any other stations to go to after the train stops at the first one (beginning of game) the only thing i can click on is the upgrade cabin button which works btw, but still the train remains un-movable after that...pls fix, i love idle games and trains, so this would be great to play for me.

fun little clicker, numbers max out pretty quick tho...

nice little clicker game, loved the old school feel, beat it in 30min or so.

Love the pixel graphics, soundtrack gets repeditive quick, and theres no way to use skills or idle DPS even though theres a counter for it in the menu.  needs lots of work, but you have a fun concept!!

love the concept, and played for a few hrs, till i was unable to upgrade the storage cap any further, after 6200 the cost of the storage upgrade is 6800 where as the cap is only at 6200 so its impossible to progress any further, would love to play again after you fix this bug.

loved the game, like a super simple version of FTL, but focus on scrap, think u could easily turn this into a full game, maybe even go for a steam release!

nice game, good humor, tho i imagine most of that is true

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Love the demo from the very start, your art style and game flow are amazing, i think if you find a way to get the reddit or kongregate communities involved it would really boost getting it into steam, i would love even a console version of this, keep up the great work and dont give up!!

any way you would be willing to do a STEAM port for this, i dont have a way to play mobile games :(

got a little crazy after the final bird upgrade, b