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Hey, if you need to reach me, email me at Super excited to see what you come up with!

Well, I wrote 2 really short music ideas but kinda dont think it would fit into the game world.
The first one is somewhat castlevania alike, and the second sounds more like metal gear

I need to ask... What is the game idea? The music must sound something fast paced once the player need to run and shoot things pursue him? Something evil creepy or the innocent evil of "trick or treating" halloween ?
or maybe I can be free to try something I think it would fit?

The concept for the game is that you are a mage, protecting a caravan of clerics on their way to stop a halloween themed demon named the Hallowqueen. As for gameplay, its a top down shooter that revolves around you protecting the caravan during waves of enemies in different locations on your journey. I like the idea of a semi-castlevania sound, partly because I love the songs from those games, but I think a "trick or treat" twist might sound cool. I can send more images of artwork so you can see the game if you want to get a feel for what kind of sound it needs.

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Well, I couldn't wait for you to reply and I did a music more "trick or treat" sounding.
I uploaded both (castlevania and trick) versions for you to choose or use both if you feel it will work

There you are

Thank you so much, these are great!!

Hey Pazuzu,

We really love the two songs you provided for us, and progress is still going great. However we'd really appreciate another track for the boss fight in our game, if this just isn't possible or you would rather spread out your talents, just let us know.

Also how would you like to be credited for you work you've already done.

Glad you liked it *-*
You can credit me with my Twitter and / or my Soundcloud page(s)

Of course I can make more music! You guys just need to wait I finish the Edgy's.
Please post some GIF of the boss battle, I will really help me out!

We are still working on the boss, but will send a gif your way as soon as it's done. We're super happy you can help us out!!

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We have finally finished the boss, took a lot longer than we expected though...


The setting is going to be in a castle, but we are still working on the art for that... so...

Looks awesome!!!! ASAP I will compose something!!!!!

Sorry for the delay. I will be creating something for the boss today!


There you are friend
Same folder, "Boss.ogg" file
Hope you enjoy ;)

Once again you've created something great!! I can't begin to thank you enough for all you've done!!