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Huehuehue this was so fun! I love the particle effects, the unique sounds and the stories that somehow developed because of "egg":

I call this: "Naturally"


and then "love at egg sight"

and my favourite: "a typical day in school"

Amazing story telling! Also, couldn't make it past the crab with my egg tossing...


Lol, I like the pics you got and how you got the egg to balance on his head is really cool. Yeah it is very tricky to get past the crab but you've done really well to get to that area as I thought that most people would get stuck on the umbrella. Your best bet to get past the crab is if you let the egg bounce 2 times before hitting it and then hope it lands somewhere between the crab and fisherman for it to bounce high enough. It would probably take many attempts to get it right but if you do there is a few more things in the sea to hit, with the shark being the last thing

Oh wow! I never thought to let the egg bounce hehe thanks for the hint!
A shark you say? Will definitely have to look for that!