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Hello there! I have a lot to say so I'm sorry in advance for the length! I bought/played the game on Steam but came here to rate and comment ^^

I know TWU came out over two years ago, so I'm a bit late. But I just finished it, and it was an absolutley wonderful 41 hours! Since I downloaded it, for this past week or so, I've pretty much had it on my mind constantly. I would spend all day being excited to get home and play some more! Now I'm sad that it's over and I even feel a bit empty, haha.

I'm a 17 year old girl, the same as Rhea. Even though we obviously have a lot of differences, I enjoyed being able to relate to her in some ways. I think her personality is a bit similar to mine. That was actually one of the factors that originally drew me to TWU. I didn't think she was bland- in fact, quite the opposite. Few VNs would have an illiterate, intensely religious girl as the protagonist, and that's why I think she's actually very special. After playing through all the routes, you kinda grow a sort of attatchment to her and you just want her to be happy. That's why the route endings were all so satisfying to me, regardless of who my favorite LIs were.

Val & Luca are tied for my favorite LIs and then Asa > Garrett. I appreciate how the side characters were actually important to the story as well (Meirin, Clair, Selene, Nen, Meeko...) and I love how they were all fleshed out and likeable in their own ways. 

The different routes were crafted so well, and it was clear that they had each other in mind. I jumped around the routes quite a bit...I got halfway through Garrett's route before I paused and did Valerian's. I did the same thing with Asa and Luca's routes. I was so excited to do Val and Luca's routes that I just couldn't wait! But, enough about my strange method of gameplay. I liked seeing how the different characters fit into different routes and how things connected. It made TWU a really great experience.

The soundtrack was lovely. After a while, it even started to sound nostalgic, in a way. Even when I wasn't playing the game, I found the music was still going on repeat in my head. Oh, and the art was absolutley amazing! I don't think there could have been a better artist for TWU. I was also pleasantly surprised at how many character sprites there were, even for characters who didn't appear as often.

I'm pretty bummed out that this VN isn't more popular. It's clear how much work went into it and it really shows. The worldbuilding in TWU was strong enough that I feel like it should have its own fandom of some sort. least, more people talking about it. Anyways, sorry for the long comment! But, as a new fan of yours, I just really wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your story! I honestly think you are a fantastic writer, so please keep it up~ and I'll definitley be checking out your other VNs! ≧◡≦

Aaah this is so sweet of you! Thank you so much!! >_<
I'm sorry for taking a few days to reply - this was such a long and kind message that I wasn't really sure what to say, haha n_n;;

I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much! Writing and coding something this huge was quite a challenge, so I'm glad it paid off in some small way, and a few people liked it!

I'm also really glad you liked Rhea! I was worried people would find her boring, since maybe she's a bit passive at times (though I tried to make her stand up for herself when the story called for it too haha). I like her a lot too, and I think she's a sweetheart u///u

Val & Luca are also very easily my favourite LIs, too. I think they are probably most people's favourites, haha. I wonder if my bias for these two characters was too evident when I wrote the story...

Anyway, thank you so much! Reading this comment really made my day! <3 <3 <3