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An excellent game!

The animations were all very fluid and lovely. I enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle, and though I was sorely tempted to just look up how to solve it, I'm glad I didn't. I actually thought it through, and got the ending where the frog fella lives! I won't get the other one, tho, I don't want him to die! I especially like the warrior lady and her tea. 

I would love to play a full game with similar mechanics to these! 


Thanks for holding on till the end O-Gin !  :D    That's a very nice feedback you give me here, and you're not the first to say the horse lady is your favourite... that's funny, I thought the little robot with the party hat would get all the love  :)

You're welcome :) Maybe it is because the horse lady is so easy to understand. Her first action is hitting, and second is drinking tea to hop her up, so she does real damage. Easy to put together XD

But for everyone else, you have to link their actions all together-like frog's trumpet charges the sorcerer's bubbles, and robot breaks the sorcerer's bubbles. But horse lady stands on her own. Sorta!