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Hi ! Thanks so much for this kind review. Glad you enjoyed the game !  ^^

Hi Louis, I'm sorry to hear that...  Which Mac OS version are you using ?

Thanks Borza ! Slowly working on something new, but not a sequel  :)  Hopefully you'll like it as much as you did monstrüous  ^^

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Yes !  :D     Very smooth controls, great graphics and animations (really, love the spooky green lighting!) ! At first I found it super hard but after you learn to be careful, it's very doable. Thanks for this little gem ! a good mix between Super Pang and Lethal League

thanks !  :)

Wow, I'm very glad you found it that interesting SabreCat !!  Thank you !    :D

Haha thank you Oori ! Don't expect a full game anytime soon though, these things take time  ;)

Hey, thanks Sebas ! No, it's TV Paint :     :)

cool, thanks ansimuz !    :D

Hi Ben ! Sorry for the disappointment, at least you got to see the frog dance and got a sense of accomplishment. It's not a demo, more like a first short game to see if I could make one and now I'd like to make a second game which would be pretty different, to explore a new genre

hahaha, THAT is awesome ! Thanks for letting me know that it went all the way to China ! I can't understand a single word that he's saying but his acting/editing is hilarious  :D

you got the hardest ending right, so that should be quite easy...  You just have to mess up the order a bit so that the frog wouldn't be protected  (the endings are not that different from each other so you won't be missing out a lot if you don't get it)

Yoohoo, Victory then !!  Thanks Yound Nacho !  ;)

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Hi Jacob Peter !  As many mentionned here, I got the puzzle-combination game design from Eyemaze's Grow games but I'm glad I managed to do something engaging with it !  ^^

Thanks for holding on till the end O-Gin !  :D    That's a very nice feedback you give me here, and you're not the first to say the horse lady is your favourite... that's funny, I thought the little robot with the party hat would get all the love  :)

Oooh, thank you Azaliya !    :D

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thanks Coconut Mousse for having played the game and making a video capture of it ! You did it pretty fast, I'm impressed !  ^^

Hey, thanks for your comment Chandeskee ! I'm really glad you appreciated the cartoonesque vibe I put into it !    ^^

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Hi Dart, sorry that you experienced difficulties running the game with your default configuration...

It is due to the game being fully animated, and to me not being a skilled programmer, so it's certainly not perfectly optimized... 

I hope you still were able to run and enjoy the game though !

Please try to update your graphic card's driver. You can also e-mail and request a refund.

Hope this will work ! And again, I'm sorry for this mishap Calliope !

ok, thanks NOTP !


I just put my game as donationware, and with it I just got my first unhappy costumer as he/she is unable to run the game...

Is there a quick way to refund this person ?   :/

Thanks !

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oh really Calliope ? Sorry about this ! please send me details of your configuration so I can look into it ! Are you on PC, Mac or Linux ? Is there any error message ?  I'm looking into refund options in case we can't make it work on your computer

nope Jojo, there are 2 : one in which the frog dies, the other where it lives. But the endings are pretty similar  :)

well, the hint would depend on what stucks you. And I'd rather not post solutions here, so send me a PM and I'll try to help you subtly  :)

Thanks for your support Afro Panda, here and on twitter  ^^   I'm still not sure what I'll be doing next but I hope it will be up to your expectations !

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well thanks a lot Danil, glad you liked it !  :D              I'm gonna check this archive !

thank you Librarium Studios, that is sweet music to my heart !  :)