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Hi Perlta ! Thanks for playing the game and for this kind developed review ! the original plan was to make 1 level like that and maybe afterwards make some others, maybe with different styles or tones. But making this 1 game proved to be veeery long and yes, I'm not sure making others just like that would be interesting as you have certain patterns really hard to change, like having to activate the slowest options first (here trumpet and coffee).

I might make an other game, but more like a puzzle / escape game this time and kind of the same visuals. As coding is not my strong point, I naturally go towards easy-to-code games  :)

Haha oui c'est cruel ! Mais du coup je trouve ça marrant de me dire qu'il y a des joueurs qui ne veulent pas tuer la créature (on ne sait même pas pourquoi il faudrait la tuer d'ailleurs) mais qui vont le faire quand même parce qu'ils veulent jouer ^^  Merci pour ton retour Léon, ça fait plaisir !

Congratulations Scriptwelder and thanks for this game ! I just finished normal mode and never expected it to grab my attention for so long ! I played all your Don't Escapes and never expected you to do a management game but it's really good !!  :D 

Those villagers won't ever be thirsty again !

Thanks LordofNope for your kind review  :)

고마워 Kianupark !!  Very glad you enjoyed it  :)

Ooow  Thanks a lot Caicai  ❤

Thanks Samao for this kind note. I'm very glad you enjoyed the game that much  :)  "very perfect" is a strong compliment haha  ^^

Oww, thank you Friendly Lama !  ^^

Hi ! Thanks so much for this kind review. Glad you enjoyed the game !  ^^

Hi Louis, I'm sorry to hear that...  Which Mac OS version are you using ?

Thanks Borza ! Slowly working on something new, but not a sequel  :)  Hopefully you'll like it as much as you did monstrüous  ^^

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Yes !  :D     Very smooth controls, great graphics and animations (really, love the spooky green lighting!) ! At first I found it super hard but after you learn to be careful, it's very doable. Thanks for this little gem ! a good mix between Super Pang and Lethal League

thanks !  :)

Wow, I'm very glad you found it that interesting SabreCat !!  Thank you !    :D

Haha thank you Oori ! Don't expect a full game anytime soon though, these things take time  ;)

Hey, thanks Sebas ! No, it's TV Paint :     :)

cool, thanks ansimuz !    :D

Hi Ben ! Sorry for the disappointment, at least you got to see the frog dance and got a sense of accomplishment. It's not a demo, more like a first short game to see if I could make one and now I'd like to make a second game which would be pretty different, to explore a new genre

hahaha, THAT is awesome ! Thanks for letting me know that it went all the way to China ! I can't understand a single word that he's saying but his acting/editing is hilarious  :D

you got the hardest ending right, so that should be quite easy...  You just have to mess up the order a bit so that the frog wouldn't be protected  (the endings are not that different from each other so you won't be missing out a lot if you don't get it)

Yoohoo, Victory then !!  Thanks Yound Nacho !  ;)

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Hi Jacob Peter !  As many mentionned here, I got the puzzle-combination game design from Eyemaze's Grow games but I'm glad I managed to do something engaging with it !  ^^

Thanks for holding on till the end O-Gin !  :D    That's a very nice feedback you give me here, and you're not the first to say the horse lady is your favourite... that's funny, I thought the little robot with the party hat would get all the love  :)

Oooh, thank you Azaliya !    :D

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thanks Coconut Mousse for having played the game and making a video capture of it ! You did it pretty fast, I'm impressed !  ^^

Hey, thanks for your comment Chandeskee ! I'm really glad you appreciated the cartoonesque vibe I put into it !    ^^

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Hi Dart, sorry that you experienced difficulties running the game with your default configuration...

It is due to the game being fully animated, and to me not being a skilled programmer, so it's certainly not perfectly optimized... 

I hope you still were able to run and enjoy the game though !

Please try to update your graphic card's driver. You can also e-mail and request a refund.

Hope this will work ! And again, I'm sorry for this mishap Calliope !

ok, thanks NOTP !


I just put my game as donationware, and with it I just got my first unhappy costumer as he/she is unable to run the game...

Is there a quick way to refund this person ?   :/

Thanks !

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oh really Calliope ? Sorry about this ! please send me details of your configuration so I can look into it ! Are you on PC, Mac or Linux ? Is there any error message ?  I'm looking into refund options in case we can't make it work on your computer

nope Jojo, there are 2 : one in which the frog dies, the other where it lives. But the endings are pretty similar  :)

well, the hint would depend on what stucks you. And I'd rather not post solutions here, so send me a PM and I'll try to help you subtly  :)

Thanks for your support Afro Panda, here and on twitter  ^^   I'm still not sure what I'll be doing next but I hope it will be up to your expectations !

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well thanks a lot Danil, glad you liked it !  :D              I'm gonna check this archive !

thank you Librarium Studios, that is sweet music to my heart !  :)