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I see you added this to the bundle, which is great, as I was looking at getting the bundle, despite already owning 2 of the games in there...

Which raises a question: What will happen when the next one comes out? Would I have no more chance at a discount because I already own too many of the games in the bundle that buying it again wouldn't make sense?

(I feel Itch should allow a pro-rated discount on a bundle for the games you already own... But that's a separate topic!)

Yeah, that's basically it, there's no real another way to do it on

You can also subscribe either on SubscribeStar or Fanbox (allows PayPal) to get access to the content. $15 subscribers get access to all the content which includes comics, shoots, videos, and games as well.

Le Bundle déjà acheté, ne permet pas d'avoir les nouveaux contenus sur Itch?

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Not a new game, no.