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It's just at the start, we're working on the next update, but it's taking some time. We'll have some update news posted soonish. 

Always great to hear from you guys, thank you for the great support! We'll do out best to continue delivering :)

Thank you, glad you're enjoying them! 💖

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I guess it depends, you do the math if it makes sense to you :)
You can check our subscriptions, all games can be had with a higher one, but the cheaper one will also give you a number of games you may not have yet.

We will also probably have a sale down the line. Anyways, appreciate the support!

Thank you for the kind words :)
Yes, Luna's Adventures features that.

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Thank you, we will add them. This one is a female protagonist, the males ones are A Girl On A Train, Blackmail & Education (partial), My Loyal Pets, The Intern, and Teacher's Pet.

@arikania Thank you!

Possibly, but no specific plans for a hetero exhibitionist female protagonist game at the moment.

The comment was removed due to the link.

There is nothing wrong with them. Have you checked if your anti-virus may be blocking some .dll files?

Sure will, there will be some lesbian action in the next update with more coming later as well.

Your bundle purchase was before the game was released, we can't and wouldn't add new games retroactively.

Sure thing, added to downloads 🥰

Glad to hear that :) has a limit for the file size that the game exceeds. You don't have to pay for Gofile, just ignore those notices, there are only ads for free users (that you won't see with an adblock). With Mega you can wait or use VPN, there's also a Pixeldrain link.

Hey, thank you, we really appreciate it! ♥

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Thank you! We are working through the comics and making them into games, so those will be available on Itch in the future. We are not planning to sell comics themselves here, you can access them on the website.

It's a part of the bundle, but new games wouldn't be added to a previous purchase.

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Welcome :) There was a bit of a mistake with file placing, 1080p download was updated here and for My Loyal Pets.
You don't have to download it again and can just move files from game/images/videos/se directly to /videos folder (/videos/w1 for RRR).

Not quite sure what you meant. There's both maledom and femdom in the game. You can name the main character. It's mostly Britt that is leading femdom after the first part of the game.

Sure thing, added them to downloads here on Itch in case someone else may need them.

Really appreciate your continued support, hope you guys enjoy 💗

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Hello Zantiev, no worries. I've emailed you 1080p animations for Sexploitation. CLH has a separate 1080p download that you can find in the downloads on the game page.

Feel free to let me know if you need 1080p ones for other games when you do get them. Btw, we will have a sale at the 2nd part of Nov, that may be a good time :)

Hey, Zantiev! You will just be able to download every new version the same as the current one. When you buy the game, you get ownership and can download future updates.

There will certainly be lesbian scenes (and there's already one), but this game will be more straight-focused with lesbian scenes/options here and there.

You can check the SubscribeStar subscription, you can get a few games at a time with it :)

I assume no files under that path? Thanks, I'll do some testing tomorrow and will probably do a new build with a potential fix.
If you can only play on mobile right now, you can try using a PC version on mobile via JoiPlay.

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My bad, it should be in Documents/RenPy_Saves/com.dumbkoala.rebeccas if it manages to get to it. Also, did you get a file access request on the first launch?

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Sorry about that, yeah, we've had another such complaint. Could you provide the contents of log.txt/error_log.txt from Android/data/com.dumbkoala.rebeccas? Mb upload those somewhere and link here or message Lightman on our Discord.

It could be because Android 13 is so new, we will look into it.

Yes, Rebecca's is a separate game, it's a sequel to Clara's Love Hotel. And you will receive all future updates when you purchase it.

The price doesn't exactly matter as you receive game ownership on the purchase and that includes updates. So, you can buy it now for $12 or wait until it's $10 on 17th.
There will be a bump in price in the future, it's currently on sale for the initial release.

Thank you! Virt-a-Mate is used for visuals :)

Thank you! Can't say that it'll be added, but we'll consider it :)

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Gofile doesn't require one, just ignore that and click on the file. With Mega you do need to wait or use VPN to avoid the wait time after it starts. But I have also added a new Pixeldrain mirror.

We can arrange something, shoot an email at

Glad to hear that! 💕

Hello, sorry that you've encountered some issues. I've emailed you an archive with 1080p videos that should be easier to playback along with the instructions. Hopefully, that will resolve the issue for you. The whole game is 1440p, btw.

No such issues here, it's a false positive. Most likely because it's the newest Ren'Py version which doesn't have the .exe whitelisted or something. Here's the VirusTotal report confirming that it's clean (Android build due to size limitation).

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Thank you, glad you're enjoying them! :)

That's right, it wouldn't be feasible for us to provide all future games for free. You might want to check out our subscription tiers as they can provide more content with time.

I can guarantee you don't need to subscribe to download on either Dropbox or Gofile.

Sure, no worries, I've emailed it to you. However, you don't need a subscription on either Mega or Gofile. With Gofile you can just ignore any mentions of a subscription and click on the file to download it (or use adblock and you won't even see most). Mega does have a limit if you're trying to download the 4K version, but you can either wait or use a VPN to avoid it.

Thank you! :)

The download links that are posted are working just fine. You could try using a VPN, maybe there's some issue with the connection. Alternatively, I've emailed you another alternative download link, see if that works for you.

Thank you, Splif! ❤

What exactly is the issue with downloading? You should use the Gofile link if you encounter a limit on Mega and can't wait/switch VPN.

No, but you can name a few of the male characters that make an appearance and some of the renders are from male POV.