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Nekomusume Daisuki

A member registered May 07, 2021

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But it tells me to wait until Saturday before I can buy it! Now I am upset at you... and the world... And everything!


To bad that it is (seemingly) abandoned...

In *your* jurisdiction, perhaps. But not every country on the world is the same...

I'm looking forward to seeing *all* of this! Keep at it! ♥

That depends on the slow German police, unfortunately. See the updates on the 'My New Family' part of the site...

Good luck dude!

I can only imagine that not having access to your stuff, and especially your characters, is a little bit like having one's children taken away by child protective services after a false abuse claim... But for you it just drags on and on, because your "children" can't testify in your favor!

I'll cross my fingers for you today!

I will patiently wait for it to become reality... :P

Please remember you have a support base to talk to! Here and in the Discords... We believe in your abilties *and* your innocence!

For every feature change, you increase the number of renders required by that number...

So let's say 5 skin colours, 5 hair colours and 3 types of facial hair (+1 for none) would make it 5x5x4=100 times the renders. Depending on the GFX card and complexity,  that is 600-3000 minutes PER SCENE (10-50 hours!!!!)
(And that is ignoring the file size!!!)

I kinda suspected it, but it was confuddling, so I wanted to make sure...

Do you know that LunarBitStudios also did a Citadel series?

Ch 1 - Konk Island
Ch 2 - Spring City
Ch 3 - Pongo Delta
Ch 4 - Delirium
Ch 5 - Tessa
Ch 6 - A Citadel Black

Love and kudo's brother! You don't give up! Mad respect for hanging in there and continuing to give us updates and content!

This game is, for all intents and purposes, abandoned.

I hope Sabitiger returns at some point, because I would have wanted to ride this story to the end! But until then, assume it is abandoned, and be pleasantly surprised if they do get the team back together!

Stay strong Bro! You're making awesome stuff, don't let them get you under! <3

Happy New Year K7! Here's to a great new year and you getting your files back!

If I buy this, I have to pay for each next release as well? (That seems to be your pattern here...)

Happy Holidays, K! Ich drücke mir die Daumen!

Take your time and enjoy the holidays! It's important to recharge yourself!


Didn't it ask you whether you wanted to 'correct' your path in what would have been around where the proposals begin?

I had to start from roughly ch 11 again, because my later saves were somehow corrupted, so I am working my way towards the end... Don't feel bad, we know what you're going through and we're happy with what you've given us. I am definitely hanging around for MNF2 and MNM!

*makes little happy dance*

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*The* final release, or the final release of Ch15? (I hope the latter)

Anyway, do your thing, I would rather wait and get your usual great quality!

Someone made a fraudulent report with the authorities against K7, and the cops confiscated all his computers and drives with the assets he needs to build us MNM.
The cops are taking their sweet f'ing time checking the drives.
(Normally a forensic copy would be made and the assets returned so a company can keep running, but apparently they don't consider K7's business a legitimate company...)
The fact he's still free, and working on MNF and MNM regardless, shows that there is no direct evidence that warrants an arrest, so this all sucks balls!

OK, weird concept... You're playing someone who has a life, a girlfriend he is supposed to go on vacation with, and you get called by someone you have a history with, asking you to do something they know you don't want to do...

This is totally out of your control, so don't feel bad! 

I'd also have your lawyer look into a civil claim for lost income due to them not giving you a copy of the data you need to do your thing. They could have made forensic images of the data!

Ah so *another* German dev then...  :D

You probably mean Killer7 (My New Family/My New Memories)
But he was (apparently) falsely accused of running a crypto-scam, and is currently waiting to get his files back so he can start rendering for his games again. Nobody got arrested, but they took all his computers, harddisks, etc., so he is stuck waiting for the forensics to return those.

This is not over the characters. He was (apparently) falsely accused of running a crypto-scam.

I need to make some time to catch up... I loved Season1, but still haven't played any of Season2!

Take time to make something you can be proud of... More important than a fixed update schedule!

My condolences for losing a buddy that was with you for over 12 years!
RL and your (mental) health always come first! Grieve, get to terms with things!

Good luck Killer!
I'm surprised they took it all, just like that... I live just over the border, so I cannot really give any advice, unfortunately, except to stay positive! I'll cross my fingers and send positive thoughts, because that is all I can do at the moment!

I hope they'll go after the persons that made the false report once you're cleared! 

(I would definitely check with your lawyer about filing a counter-report about that!)

My condolences, and I totally get you, my MIL passed away Jan 29, my mom 1 Feb and my stepdad 11 Jun... The latter two had no wills, no money, a rented house and were somewhat hoarders... (To add to that his son passed away a few years back from C and his daughter has been estranged for a decade!)

The images are dark-ish, but it's obviously nighttime, so that's ok. I can definitely see stuff quite ok!
(But what are those white specks under the gals eye, though? (The one with the hat on) They draw the eye...)

I still like V1 best, but to each their own...

There's two protagonists, one male, one female... But if you actually play beyond the first question, you'd be aware of that already...

I keep coming back to see whether there are any updates... Aside from the fact that I would love to see this story finish (we still haven't even finished Andy's family story, and never got to meet Daisy's...) I an also genuinely concerned about not hearing anything about the team either!

Please let us at least know how everyone is doing?

Patreon took on Paypal and they came to a reasonable solution. I'm sure Itch could have too, if they had a backbone.
I am curious whether one dev's observation that only the 10% commission games are getting hit, and not the 30% commission ones, has any merit, or they're just on a later list.
Moreover, I never heard of Itch before I ran into them for AVNs, and none of their non-adult content ever piqued my interest, so I wonder how much longer they will exist...
But the fact that a single company can impose their limited, close-minded views on so many people is sickening. We need alternatives, and we need them now!