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Well, I finally got round to doing a Part 1 and Part 2 and it was a really enjoyable game. Even though it's WIP/ALPHA, the game has been developed to a great standard so far so well done.

The game itself, I really enjoyed playing Retract and I played it 4 times although the first 3 times where down to technical hitches at my end but I didn't mind playing it 4 times. 

There are a couple of glitches I noticed.

1. Menu's. For me, pauisng the menus and then swapping in and out of the game caused the game to crash but I think that was down to the keyoard setup I have and the recording software. I used the alt key for recording shortcuts and I changed these and managed to continue playing.

2. Ledges, when jumping and landing onto ledges I kinda got stuck and had to step back so the only forward was to jump and then move forward onto a ledge HOWEVER this introduced a fantastic glitch/bug. If you get stuck on the edge of a ledge then just spam the jump button and see what happens. I continually got catapulted to some great heights and it could help playing the game or future levels i.e. two ledges a fair height apart.

The second to last level really got me. The second part was more than twice as long as it should have been and I was going to cut it down but I decided not to do this becuase if someone had watched the final cut they could have thought "A nice easy play" where as I decided to leave it as it is so that the next player knows that they aren't the only one who could have had trouble with the level.

But all in all, a damn good ALPHA/WIP DEV(s), so good luck and thumbs up from me.

I do genuienly want to play the alpha again. It was a very enjoyabl experience for me (Apart from the second to last level hahahaha)

Retract Alpha PArt 1

Retract Alpha Part 2


Hi Wobbly thanks for making a great video! We are constantly looking for feedback and a sun and moon is certainly on our todo list as well as some animals to add a bit of ambience to the levels (snails, birds etc.) That's an interesting bug you found we haven't seen anyone do that before so we will have to fix that along with the cheat in the level you found! The last few levels... well... that looked frustrating i think we may make a few videos on how to complete all the levels and make it a bit clearer in game, but you got to the end, the tree's should've fallen the right way, but you came up with a very 'different' way of solving it that we hadn't thought of. The last level you skipped a few bits as your inventory didn't reset properly when you die, but i will fix all these things ASAP. Thanks for reviewing!