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Alright, here's my take on Nosferatu's Lair of DOOM! I earned the good ending, and hoo boy, it was a pain in the behind.

This is easily one of Dave's hardest games in his line-up of low-quality horror, which can serve as both good and bad. On one hand, I appreciate the challenge compared to his other work. On the other hand, it can seem unfair at times. The random map generation could've been handled a bit better so that proper strategies could be made, but due to the map changing upon death, you couldn't really formulate much of a map-strategy. Another thing: I really think the key could've had some twinkle partice effects or something to make it stand out more, because it took me ages to figure out it was there. The only two major complaints about characters I have mostly revolve around the second half of the game. The Frankenstein-looking lackie of Nosferatu's had too long of a hold on the player, and he was surprisingly quiet at times when you take his size and what he can do into consideration. The only other complaint is with Nosferatu, whose teleport ability seemed a bit unfair at times, especially in one of the narrow hallways where there was almost no chance of slipping by without being in his kill radius. As a final statement, I wish the spider's webs would actually slow down the other characters, because I think the spider moved a bit faster while in the web.

Overall, as mad as I became at the game, I enjoyed the experience. I really like how Dave's adding cutscenes, although he forgot to remove the view reticle in the intro cutscene, but I digress. I can't wait to see what other games come from this shoddy microwave of a man! Perhaps you could revisit the pixelated horror scene again after Bunky's success, I dunno. Have a lovely day, folks!

That's some really good feedback. I might be able to go back and update it with some of the stuff ya said. But I'm gonna first see if I have the time to do it, since I'm pretty busy now with the development of Strange Terror From The Deep and Dracula's Castle. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to go back and change/add some of that stuff you said.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless of the hard difficulty. :)