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Pretty strong start! But there are quite a few little snags throughout. Understanding that this is still a WIP, I can't hold too much against it, but I've left a lot of feedback for later versions! Also, a little timeline at the bottom might be a less intrusive UI to replace what's currently there. Detailed feedback in the vid!


Thanks for reviewing we will try and take your suggestions into consideration! We are working on making the hitboxes and jumping feel a lot nicer, hopefully we can stop you feeling like a 'refrigerator' and we will add a few messages to introduce the player to planting seeds. Alongside this we will look at adding an option to speed up time changing and we are already in the process of adding more music and sounds! Other then that thank you for playing our game and giving us an honest review!

We have now added updates in hopes of making your experience better and are continuing to work on more!