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Played the demo. I really love the visual design, it's downright awesome. And with the ship design to go along with it, I got some top down F-Zero vibes just looking at the screenshots. So I had to try it out.

I like the handling as well, but I think the game would benefit greatly from a bit more zoomed out perspective. You can't see much ahead in the track as is, and the way the ships drift through the corners you need to engage into the turn beforehand, to maintain a good racing line. That's hard to do if you can't really see the turns coming, if that makes sense. To illustrate the problem, if you watch the video user 'ezez game' posted below, you see it in the driving. There's a a lot of going the wrong way and bouncing around in the turns.

Through memorization of the tracks you can to an extent negate the issue, but I'd still like a larger visual range to get by on. Were you to adress this, I'd happily purchase this otherwise delightful little racing game. Well done.

Thanks for the well reasoned feedback!

The balance between lookahead, speed and cornering ability is a tricky one, and one I tried to mitigate through telegraphing the nature of upcoming turns through the diagonal stripes across the track, most obvious on the first track. If the player can learn to read and follow those stripes, no memorisation is required. It's certainly not perfect, and the game would no doubt benefit greatly from being more explicit about this element. 

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The diagonal stripe thing never occurred to me! Just bought the game :-)

Thx for the fast reply