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Electric Wizard

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Good to hear it's coming along. Still looking forward to this! 👍

Tried it on mac (High Sierra), doesn't work. Just a tiny, black dialog box pops up, nothing happens.

Found it interesting how you depicted the guy into the fighting game in the shop. I played a lot of Tekken 3 in my day (considered one of the best, most ground-breaking fighting games of all time). You can delve deep into it and it can be fascinating, but in the end it's just a bubble. There's a whole world out there...

This came to mind again.

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Interesting read. I live near the Belgian city of Antwerp, not too far away from an industrial zone, but luckily still at a comfortable distance (unlike those unfortunate sharecroppers). There's a man-made lake nearby, with industry lights in the background at night. Sometimes you'll see the glow of a flare off. Train tracks pass right behind it. You can walk up to them and watch cargo trains pass by from up close. It's tempting not to jump onto one, since they move rather slow. Like in those American movies where you have outsider characters/ hobos ride trains across the lands. The place kind of feels like no-man's land. A strange intersection, where nature and industry meet.

Anyway, I played the demo. Game has a special atmosphere to it and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Good luck!