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Hello! I recently bought this game and I created an itch account just to comment here and ask some questions.

I binge played the game and reached some  point, I remember as track 8, where I joined a cult and the game ended, giving me the Aether mantra. Afterwards, when I play the game, levelling up is unavailable and everything becomes based upon my corruption levels. I wonder if this is a result of me joining a cult and reaching 100% corruption in the first play through...? What would happen differently if I didn't join the cult and entered the elevator instead...? Also, is there a way to reverse this problem...? Because trying to keep corruption levels down is extremely difficult, given that the 'reverse' button says it removes all progress on current track and has lead me into fear of pressing it...

Um... please tell me I'm not on some weird track and that we are supposed to play a good ending by dying on first round... please tell me that this is the right thing...  I don't want to enter a fit of anxiety... 

Well, an awesome game. Played the demo a year or two ago. Fell in love with it immediately. Awesome art, music, theme, script, AMBIENCE.  Bought the game. Would buy for double the price. No, even triple. 100% worth it.

Hi VIT_Master,

Don’t worry, the path you’re taking is perfectly legitimate! you reached one of the endings and are now playing the second half of the game, where it becomes more important to rank well in combat in order to keep your corruption down. If you can make it all the way to the end, the game’s true ending will be available (in the part up the elevator). You can also see the other normal ending if you want still by going up the elevator at the end and doing something different at the triendl end branching point, though I won’t spoil it yet.

If you cannot level up, does it say your level is “MAX”? In that case that’s ok, the game is designed with that in mind. Reverting will become a useful tool for you if you die too many times and your corruption is too high; it will send you back to the start of whichever track/chapter you chose, but it will give you another chance to score better in the fights and keep your corruption lower! It will also let you keep whatever experience, mantras, virtues, etc that you have, so don’t worry about losing those. It’s ok, because learning to get better IS the experience, and you might surprise yourself are how you might do in a track the second time through!

I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions or worries, please feel free to join our discord, link up in the description! We have a very knowledgeable and welcoming community there who can help you through the game, because I know you’ll want to see this through to the end. And like I said in the beginning of the game, I believe in you, and everything will be ok in the end!



Thanks Colin! Your reply was very helpful! I'm actually planning to play this game again and again and again because it's just so breathtakingly beautiful! By the way, thank you for such an awesome game ;)