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Absolutely beautiful.

Ooooo it's me again! Sorry for the spam, but I just really love this game!

(Spoiler alert)

I played an ending where I chose to embrace Christian on F12. And after some fighting, there was the bit where Lucah and Christian were limping towards some sort of exit. What really, really, really got my attention were the flashing images which I didn't see clearly, followed by "I love you". I could somehow tell Lucah's face in one of the images, and, and, and, and and and and did Christian kiss him????? ?????????? ?????? ??????? ???????????????? (I'm actually so intrigued; I'm deciding to play this ending again this week just to view the flashing images i didn't see clearly again) and did Christian not escape???????????????? He is one of my favourite characters in the game; i'm just genuinely concerned in a motherly way.

Oh, and, is it fine for me to draw stuff related to Lucah? I'm not going to upload it anywhere but it's always safe to ask the creators just in case they don't want any reproduction.

Thanks Colin! Your reply was very helpful! I'm actually planning to play this game again and again and again because it's just so breathtakingly beautiful! By the way, thank you for such an awesome game ;)

Hello! I recently bought this game and I created an itch account just to comment here and ask some questions.

I binge played the game and reached some  point, I remember as track 8, where I joined a cult and the game ended, giving me the Aether mantra. Afterwards, when I play the game, levelling up is unavailable and everything becomes based upon my corruption levels. I wonder if this is a result of me joining a cult and reaching 100% corruption in the first play through...? What would happen differently if I didn't join the cult and entered the elevator instead...? Also, is there a way to reverse this problem...? Because trying to keep corruption levels down is extremely difficult, given that the 'reverse' button says it removes all progress on current track and has lead me into fear of pressing it...

Um... please tell me I'm not on some weird track and that we are supposed to play a good ending by dying on first round... please tell me that this is the right thing...  I don't want to enter a fit of anxiety... 

Well, an awesome game. Played the demo a year or two ago. Fell in love with it immediately. Awesome art, music, theme, script, AMBIENCE.  Bought the game. Would buy for double the price. No, even triple. 100% worth it.