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This looks great and I can immediately see the inspiration from super house of dead ninjas! Awesome, one question though, if I download the python files I can get your game to run on Linux right? What do I need to have installed to be able to build from source, I mean what framework did you use?

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The game was actually inspired by a bunch of random games. Then I noticed that it was basically Downwell. xD

It should work on Linux with Python 3 and Pygame. (Python 3 should come with Linux.)

Also, there should be a Linux version of the game if it is part of the next AKJ Tournament. (I think it’s December)

Come on, downwell has a completely different attack mechanic! Did you plan on making this  a sidescroller or why was the idea of making it falling down the main mode of movement? Did it come up in development or did i just interpret that into the message? Plus, whats the difference between a tourney and the jam?


The game jam’s theme was “Falling”, so it was meant to be the core of the game. A jam is where you make a game in a short amount of time and the tournament is where people compete for high scores in game jam games.

Oh yeah, if you want to make it convenient for others to play your pyhton games under all sorts of OS, please consider checking out its really easy, and people dont have to install pyhton, or anything else, its free, its under GPL License so you can use it in a commercial product, but changes fall under that license! Anyways, just wanted you to know that! I dont own the software, I just think its a cool and easy way to do stuff! Chears!


I use Pyinstaller for Linux, but I use cx_freeze for Windows. I’ve tried Pyinstaller on Mac, but it doesn’t work.