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Hi UrAverageOtaku!

Yes! I also can't wait for you to play and hear your thoughts/review Bermuda!  >< it's just that the script is much longer than I thought so I could only hope you would be patient enough to wait as I write Q_Q 

Fair warning though; at this rate, Bermuda might take until next year so don't hold your breath ><; *forgive this slow-as-snail dev* I'm struggling with the final battle of Chapter 5 :'D and I haven't started writing the 4th route a.k.a the antagonist route.

Antagonist route? <3 Oh heck yes.
Also don't worry I think most of us are totally fine with waiting. You're not all super silent or dead for months on end like some others seem to get, too, which I do think helps it out and help with people's fears.


Thank you, Seraiden!

It's really good to know. I can be rest assured too knowing you don't mind the wait c': it's the heaviest thing weighing my mind every time check the date >< after all, time pass really quickly!

On another note, YAY for antagonist route! X'D