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Yeah, my goal with this thread is basically to get enough attention that someone from itch makes any comment  since they don't seem willing to talk about it.

It seems weird to me that there are already scummy ways of doing microtransactions on itch (creating DLCs as separate games, looking them up via API), but it's not a problem. But if itch just made the view a bit cleaner, that would summon the scumlords?

I just want some hats in my game without having to deal with tens of "games" on my creator page and dashboard. You shouldn't want every hat, and getting every hat would be an unfair price, but a couple hats for a couple bucks should be fair for an otherwise free game where the hats don't matter. This is purely a way of getting support from fans who don't want to use Steam. But I'll probably just direct players elsewhere and that just kinda sucks.