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A little part two since I felt it was necessary.

No other fight scene in a game, especially a visual novel, had actually sunken my heart and made adrenaline pumped, yet here is evidence it's possible, you wrote the fight scene incredibly well, and you made me genuinely hate the villain of the story, no redeeming factors showed, another thing I thought entirely impossible, I wish there was a possibility of an 11/10 but that's not a proper fraction, so it is a perfect 10/10 still.


Part three because I'm impulsive:

The ending is perfect, I don't know how to describe it in words, but with every thought, the main character was having, I was feeling what he must've felt, it was like I was 'truly' playing as the main character. No ending of a game (except for one but we don't talk about Soma) has made me cry and reflect, look back at it, days after playing. when do i get a bird bf


gahhh good lord, i usually dont reply to comments because people are so nice and i dont have anything good to say but i feel i have to reply to this, this is an overwhelmingly nice review ur gonna make us both cry lol. thank you so much!!

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Aw, no worries, I'm glad you liked it, it's the first time I've ever written a review this long, but this game fully deserves paragraph-long praises ^-^