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Great work ^-^

I love easter eggs...

This is gonna be a long playthrough huh?

It was an extremely fucking funny shitpost and hope ya'll are safe

- phalanxx


It's amazing, the movement system racks my brain, to the point where I just monkey-brained it and just spammed W until I got to where I want to go, sure there can be more, but I'm not sure there should be more. Very abstract, very nice.

- phalanxx

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Aw, no worries, I'm glad you liked it, it's the first time I've ever written a review this long, but this game fully deserves paragraph-long praises ^-^

Gay soft cowboys, the best possible combination

Part three because I'm impulsive:

The ending is perfect, I don't know how to describe it in words, but with every thought, the main character was having, I was feeling what he must've felt, it was like I was 'truly' playing as the main character. No ending of a game (except for one but we don't talk about Soma) has made me cry and reflect, look back at it, days after playing. when do i get a bird bf

A little part two since I felt it was necessary.

No other fight scene in a game, especially a visual novel, had actually sunken my heart and made adrenaline pumped, yet here is evidence it's possible, you wrote the fight scene incredibly well, and you made me genuinely hate the villain of the story, no redeeming factors showed, another thing I thought entirely impossible, I wish there was a possibility of an 11/10 but that's not a proper fraction, so it is a perfect 10/10 still.


Do you get that feeling, after watching/playing a piece of media, where you know, you'll never find anything as good as what you just saw? I know full well how it feels like now, I know that I'm a reviewer, I have to find something bad to dirt on for this review to be complete, but I just can't find it, the representation is phenomenal, its not over the top and the characters are actually fleshed out so that their one personality trait isn't just being queer, you know, but still adds in that aspect. There's not much more I can say, its cute and perfect.

- a bisexual fish in a barrel

the ultimate april fools prank

Nemurin in maid dress 11/10

... 10/10 - phalanxx

This is... Art


Hope Nik's safe, its completely understandable about the hiatus!

omg i forgot about that, i agree, any game with headpats is a immediate 10/10


Yeah uh yeah you can have your own opinion

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9/10 for  0.1

It was a really good game, each character had personality (especially Beru, although I may be biased, maybe) and all the character designs were great and the small drawings that appeared when Beru commented on something were cute, I'll be eagerly awaiting more.

- phalanxx

Uh, graphic depictions of corpses, I'm fine with it but it might be different for you


Truly amazing, it felt like watching an entire romance movie playing before me in a theatrical dance of a visual novel. Each character was also extremely cute and cuddly as well as the character design showcased their personality, I may have teared up at the end.

just a couple of gay pardners

- phalanxx

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9/10 for Build 7

Amazing game! The story and character design were phenomenal, I can't wait to hear more. Although, there weren't that many choices (except with the Librarian) and you could only customize pronouns and nick-name, but it's understandable as it would take way too much dialogue writing. Not to mention the soundtrack being top tier, you managed to perfect every aspect of visual novels. I'll make sure to monitor and eagerly await more content.

- phalnxx