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That's a great idea to make this browser-based! I like how clean and simple this is, with a super easy selection of characters. That's really great!

I've recently played with some ASCII (and variants) tools like (my favorite). I quite enjoyed the possibility to use specific fonts or tilesets and to set the background and foreground color per character.

Although ASCII is too limited for me, I'm thinking that a box (rectangle or filled) tool, as well as a line tool could be interesting to add. Just an idea!

Here's something I've done in with a specific vector set, layers and a bit of Photoshop for the texture. Just to show you what I'm referring too  when I'm speaking of custom fonts.

This by the way based on this open font: with the added ability to rotate tiles.

Here's another use of the same tool for the background (not characters) with a specific 8x8 font

I just wanted to share this interesting use of text art with you :) Tools like Playscii and Rexpaint also go into this direction, although I didn't enjoy their MS-DOS like interface much 😅

There are some interesting things on that I didn't think of. i also wanted to add animation capabilities.
Choosing and adding a font, I want to add in the next update,
but with geometric shapes, I still don’t know how best to do it, using different symbols, or only one selected one.

lvllvl is kind of crazy 😅 with so many options! As for shapes maybe you can start with a single character so that you can quickly draw something repetitive. Anyway, have fun with this new tool! 👍