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Thank you for sharing your little greenhouse! I'm happy that you enjoy some relaxing time with it!

Ooh thanks! That's an interesting feedback!

Aww thank you!

Thank you very much! I wanted to try a special art style while carrying some simple emotion, your feedback is thus exactly what I was hoping for! ❤️ I'm really glad you felt this, thanks for sharing!

Thank you, I'm really happy that you felt it,  it's exactly the idea!

The size of this world is amazing, it's huge! I'm impressed! It was fun wandering around!

(by the way, I'm just back from a walk and I looked at the trees on the way ;) )

Thank you! YES, please take your time to look at the trees and flowers :) 

As I like to draw scenes that contain vegetation, I naturally began to observe trees and plants with more and more attention. Through this hobby, I realize that I have developed a greater appreciation for nature.

I'm always surprised when people use the "avatar" for something else than moving a character, just like you did. It makes the interaction novel and fun!

Thank you and you're quite welcome about the tools. I'm unsure if I'll release publicly my lvllvl to bipsi plugin, so feel free to nudge me when you'll need it! You can also export an image with lvllvl which might even be easier.

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

Oh wow, that was unexpected. Thank you! I've combined different tools for this, from the amazing lvllvl textmode art editor to bipsi (a variant of bitsy's constraints, in an easier package IMHO), all thanks to a custom-coded importer. I like when my coding skills can me serve my art and that's exactly why I love these mini jams! 😅 I'm not much a gamer, much more of artist who likes to sometimes use game tools as a recreation from my usual artwork. Maybe these tools will inspire you too!

Thank you! I had fun exploring the visual art (as usual for me) 😀

There's a satisfaction in getting out (after dying once 😅), fun little adventure feeling!

Pfew, finally done! ;) I like how you convey this feeling!

Thanks for the space trip!

It's a very creative approach! :)

Great story and development and great fit for the theme as well!

I like this little "story" and interactions! :)

Very nice visual effect!

Funny minimal interactions and animations! :)

You're welcome!  I've noticed the dialogue choices plugin too yesterday, it can create some interesting branching stories!

Thank you, I'm going to look for it!

Thank you so much for your enjoying it!

Very beautiful! I enjoyed the depiction of a museum, the sense of scale. 

I am thinking of also creating a short bipsi story in a museum although I won't have the patience to draw such beautiful pixel art 🤣

This looks so polished! Your dedication to pixel art always impresses me!

Thank you for the warm welcome back! It was fun for once to respect the color limitations of bipsi!

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it! 

I've used the amazing lvllvl text art editor for creating the scenes (after merging in a pixel art editor the tiles I had designed with a selection of mrmo and others). I've also created in lvllvl a 7 colors palette to match bipsi's limitations. I'm guessing you're impressed with the images that look pretty complex: there's an option in lvllvl to convert a regular image to a selection of tiles. I've then tweaked the outcome. 

Finally, I've adapted a bipsi plugin to import my levels.

Hihi! Super cozy!

It's great!! I just visited a greenhouse today!

I like it too! 😊

Ooooooooh I'm really happy that you took your time! I usually develop games in a very random way, and right now, I'm more interested in traditional painting, but I'll keep your feedback in mind. 

This is special, I like the touched of blue! 👍 Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you so much! It's been 2 years since I wrote this game and our little cat (who's real name isn't Ame by the way 😉) has grown up. Reading your comment made me remember how it was two years ago. Thank you 😊

Thank you!!

Thank you for enjoying it, I like the cozy place you've created!

Waku waku! I like it! I'm glad that you had fun!!

Oooh this is cool!! Thank you for having fun!

I've always found this editor amazing, thanks for releasing the source!