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Thank you very much. I am planning to turn Sunshine into a game, and I guess that this intention together with the ease of testing ideas with Bolt allowed and pushed me to polish a bit more than usual.
And thanks for Diadas for the music and early feedback. If things go as planned, we may end teaming up.

I understand the questions were for me to ask myself, but I'll publish my current line of thought for the record and the curious. About the future design, I worry a bit about gamification taking over the atmosphere as I see the UI already cluttered over it in this prototype. But I do have more plans for gameplay than the theme:
- After you solve for whatever opening, that window closes and you have to try another.
- Increasing difficulty with a more punishing "lumen taxing" system.
- After beating hard, unlock a zero gravity billiards game in the same scenario but with cozy lighting.
- The different behavior on different surfaces was planned but I didn't manage to implement it in time.
- A high score system for "fanciest path" to cater sandbox gameplay. Factoring ray length, bounce count and angles closer to 30º and 60º instead of 90º and 45º.
- A per window high score for optimal path (least bounces, least lumen spent) to cater OCD.
- High score online tied to replays. I like Soundboxing's shy social features.
- 3rd person and VR are still on the table.

Level design will be the maker or breaker of the game now, but Marui in Maya and a custom path previewer should help make it backwards.

Thanks to all that played, thanks to Bolt, thanks to Bolt's community.