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Welcome to our second Bolt game jam! 

Bolt is one of the world's most popular visual scripting tools for unity, built by the award winning tool developer Ludiq.  

Get Bolt for 30% off during the jam here:

Check out all of the Tutorials and documentation by us and our community here:

Join the Bolt discord to participate in the Jam discussion:

Winner of the first BoltJam "Parallel." Read more here:

- The game must be built with Bolt in Unity

- You may use assets from the asset store, but you mus list the assets used in the project.

- The project must be submitted on time

- Teams of 1-3 people 

- Provide Gif proof that the game was built with Bolt - side by side of flow graphs and gameplay. (We recommend the ShareX tool for gif creation:

Each member of the Ludiq team will be a judge, so that makes 5 judges! 

The games will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Entertainment value (How engaging the entry is)
  • Bolt Graphs (Creative use of Bolt, Graph cleanliness, Graph simplicity)
  • Aesthetic

Over $500 in Unity Asset Store prizes!

FIRST PLACE - $210 worth of assets:

SECOND PLACE - $180 worth of assets:

THIRD PLACE - $90 worth of assets:

FOURTH PLACE - $60 worth of assets:

Good luck!


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Window Cleaner Man comes to rescue Window Town to clean its windows.
Radiosity puzzle. Find your way into the blues of life.
Short game about basketball & life.
Play in browser
A couch multiplayer game in which players battle to turn a stained glass window their color.