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Played through both Bastian and Terrance's routes in 3 days. I have quite a few trophies still to get but, I don't know if I have it in me to just do the friendship routes with either of them. I also do not know which romance I like more. I did Bastian first and damn.....I did the bad ending with him and nope'd so hard and immediately reloaded!!! 

Then I took on Terrance's romance. They are both so so good!!! I think....I maybe like Bastian's more as his character looks so much like my FO4 character!! Right down to the hair style and colour. Anyway, both routes had humour, intimate moments, such sweet parts with them getting to know each other and ofcourse, the hot sex added in!! Damn Terrance is a bit kinky!!!!  The art work in the sex scenes was amazing!!!!

I loved the voice acting, even down to characters that didn't have many lines, they were voiced wonderfully, like Estel. Also, Riko is an angel. I adore her and how she calls Ian Sunshine! I am now off to play Bastian's route all over again just to hear his lovely voice!!!

Best of luck for the Symbiant kickstarter. Played it's demo before I bought this game and I am very much looking forwards to playing the full thing!

Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment and all the good things you said about the game! It really brightened my day <3<3<3 and its super duper encouraging!
I love people's feedback on the romance and the different characters. So glad you liked Riko too, she's such a sweetheart!
And double thank you for supporting The Symbiant! Your help is so very appreciated! We will make sure to make a game worthy of amazing fans such as yourself <3