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I had a small panic about the first after story as that was not the ending I got! I read on and I think the second after story is the one that follows on after my ending! I am so excited to play the after stories however and cannot wait until release! Thank you for all your amazing and hard work!

I am so excited for the full release to come out. I paid the 20 for the game...a while ago....and I just noticed the thing about the DLC's....I did see on your game description that there may be a way to get them in the future without having to buy everything again. I cannot sadly budget to buy the whole game twice. I am however so excited to play the full release. The demo I played was a very early one and I have not played any more as I wanna enjoy my first blind run of the game!

I never played the original so I am excited to play this!

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I have been following this games progress for a while now. I will have to wait until pay day but I am so excited to play this!

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I need to play this on it's full release! In The Divine Speaker, Aemyl and Caspian's roles I felt needed filling out a bit, but obviously due to the story of the first game, it wasn't. This, is the icing on the cake!! I cannot wait to follow the story up to the start of the first game!!!!

I am so hyped to reinstall and play Leos fully voiced route!! He is the best boy for me....I do have a thing for red heads so, he is perfect!!!!! Downloading right now and cannot wait to get started all over again!

I am very much looking forwards to the full release of the game. I too have suffered the loss of a parent quite young and people find so many ways to cope. Mines was body art. This game has such an interesting concept, so much so that I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it. Also, I have already picked the one I wanna romance. I have a thing for redheads!

I am eagerly waiting on the release!

I cannot wait to get this. A perfect companion to my game!!! How much roughly will it be?

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I have completed my first run of the game. Romancing Leos and getting his best ending. I loved this game so much. I laughed, so much at the guys...especially in that certain store!!!! I cried so much during sad moments, romantic moments. Veras and Illran's story was just amazing. I do not want to spoil the other possible couple but, their route also had me laughing and crying, especially right at the end. I however will struggle to do Cyne and Fawn's Leos has captured my heart!!!!

The art, the music, the scenery and ofcourse, the sex scenes were beautifully written and drawn. I was also terrified in the mansion and the whole researching what happened. The mix of the music, the tension, the companions voice actors nailing the trepidation of what was happening. 

10/10 for this game. I am in love with it and immediately, going to start my second run! Without saving every 10 seconds because now I know what to do!

I also cannot wait for the voice acting patch for Fawn and Leos. I want to hear everything they have to say....and ofcourse, the voices for the rest of the supporting cast! I do worry if I will be able to install the patch ok as I am very computer illiterate!!!

Not long started but already I love Leos. I'm so romancing him!!!! That gorgeous red hair. His whole look and that voice? Oh yes!!!

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Played through both Bastian and Terrance's routes in 3 days. I have quite a few trophies still to get but, I don't know if I have it in me to just do the friendship routes with either of them. I also do not know which romance I like more. I did Bastian first and damn.....I did the bad ending with him and nope'd so hard and immediately reloaded!!! 

Then I took on Terrance's romance. They are both so so good!!! I think....I maybe like Bastian's more as his character looks so much like my FO4 character!! Right down to the hair style and colour. Anyway, both routes had humour, intimate moments, such sweet parts with them getting to know each other and ofcourse, the hot sex added in!! Damn Terrance is a bit kinky!!!!  The art work in the sex scenes was amazing!!!!

I loved the voice acting, even down to characters that didn't have many lines, they were voiced wonderfully, like Estel. Also, Riko is an angel. I adore her and how she calls Ian Sunshine! I am now off to play Bastian's route all over again just to hear his lovely voice!!!

Best of luck for the Symbiant kickstarter. Played it's demo before I bought this game and I am very much looking forwards to playing the full thing!

I am so excited to play this!! The full version comes out right around my pay day so, I will definitely be buying it!

Played the NSFW demo and damn am I left wanting more!!! This is looking amazing and I do hope you meet your goal!! The art style, the characters...just perfect!