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welp im bored so its time to do more ideas:

idea of teacher name: maya switsenzburg

subject she teaches: geometry

appearance: kind of chubby, short hair and always a frowning face. after the chase begins, (player gets a question wrong) her appearance will change into a skinny teacher with "growths" coming out of her with a very angry face like mr. mix from the math level.

level layout: you come into the level, then the elevator breaks down. you exit it carefully. then the level will branch into a long hallway from side to side, you entering in the center, giving the player the choice of whether to start left or right. let me give a photo example! 

the red rooms are important rooms, ex: head teacher's room, the room where the player dies if caught too much by head teacher, and extra characters rooms.

how the teacher works: she charges at you, but can hit walls and get knocked out for a second, sort of like a character in baldis basics. the more notebooks earned, the faster her charge is. (she will not charge unless chasing the player).

how the notebooks work: you will have to identify the shape, for example a rhombus, and then measure at least 2 of the angles in the shape. the more questions gotten wrong, the harder the shapes will become to identify. at 5/10 notebooks, you have to measure 3 angles. at 8/10 notebooks, you have to measure all of them no matter what the shape. (max amount is 10).

jumpscare: her growth will slowly cover up the screen, as her new found smile grows and grows, the growth will completely cover up the screen and the player will hear a gurgling wormy noise.

other characters: cathryn clown: she throws powdered sugar (maybe dust) into the players face making them blind slowly recovering their vision. she will return to spawn then come back after 3 minutes. she would look like pennywise but the girl version.

mental mike: a crazy man who has lost his mind trying to escape the school. very slow but if he catches you its automatic game over. he would bring you to his secret layer he built in the walls and burn you alive for the "the gods sake". 

how final chase works: all characters know exactly where you are and go at the same speed they usually do. once to the elevator, you have to climb up the broken elevator (mentioned previously) and make it to the biology level.

anyway, this is probably the best thing to do when bored. so try it out yourself, it will be fun.


Define "growths" in the teacher's appearance. And Mental Mike as in that one guy from Family Guy?

Image result for mental mike

just weird things, also never knew that even existed