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Whoah, I had to play twice to get a different ending! I don't think I've gotten the good one though, curious! This is so beautiful, I'm lost in this slightly-eerie farm XD, especially with the hypnotizing music and all ;A; 

Thank you so much! I wouldn't say any of the endings are "happy" per se, but I might just make a devlog of the intended endings so that folks don't have to play through a bunch of times to get them. The difference between the "happy" and "meh" ending is very very small, it's just in the last line of dialogue.

Oooh that'd be cool! And yeah I notice that on the last day (after our last harvest) we encounter different ending exit :'))))

Oh this might be smol but I love how the deer turned its head when I stepped on that twig! What a nice little touch!