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:'))) made me smile at the end *wipes secret tears*

Lovely <33333
Would definitely play a full version of this :') 

Hey thanks a bunch for playing and even featuring it in your video! Hope you enjoyed :')

Whoaaaaaa that's super exciting!! All the best for the project, Octavi~! Can't wait for the next one already :')

P.S: A bit unrelated but, I started subscribing to your mailing list a while ago, and I was notified about this new episode through email! It was like a very pleasant surprise XDDD

Waaah it was amazing! Love the tube TV effect on the screen <3
Was left wanting for more at the end //sobs Definitely felt like sitting through a really intriguing start of a 45min episode ;A; 

Oooh that'd be cool! And yeah I notice that on the last day (after our last harvest) we encounter different ending exit :'))))

Oh this might be smol but I love how the deer turned its head when I stepped on that twig! What a nice little touch! 

Whoah, I had to play twice to get a different ending! I don't think I've gotten the good one though, curious! This is so beautiful, I'm lost in this slightly-eerie farm XD, especially with the hypnotizing music and all ;A; 

Ooooh that's neat! If I'd used that hack, it would have saved a lot of time decorating the environment :')

gyahh thank you for playing~!🙏🙏🙏  So glad you enjoyed it :') 

Oh i just saw that you also submitted an entry for the jam! Definitely gonna check it out!

Hi! This happened to me as well recently, though in my case, all the sprites in my room (and its three duplicates) are gone and I had to put them back one by one in each room XD Oh but mine happened after I refreshed my browser though, so this might be a different kind of error- - ;A; 

yay more bedtime storiess~!

Wow. I just listened to the song and it's so full of melancholy ;A; I don't know how to explain it, but somehow it was beautiful. I was surprised that there was an extra recording after the song ended, and then I remember the cats in your game talking about the 'thud' sound, so I kept on listening... and when I got to the part, it was sad :'(  Also now I know that the cover of your game is the cover of their album :'D Thanks for sharing this!

Hold up, I've played this!! XD

Awesome job Ripple, the message is loud and clear :')
Also, I didn't know there's a hack for solid colors, that's cool!

Awww this was cute and super neat! Makes me want to be visited by a harvest spirit every year~ Guess I need to build a farm first <3

But grandmaaaaaa I wanna know what happens next!

This was so much fun!!

This is so wonderful ;A; ;A; Love the environment :D

LOL, but still, I'm just glad that someone played it to the end :') 

As for the wonderful puns, ask @hypnohamster XD Apparently they're the master of punsss XD

Gosssshhh you played it all over again and got the endinggggg ahuhuhuhuhuhu I'm so happy right now you have no ideaaaaa ;A;
So so so so happy! And thank you for the tip, I'm gonna fix that ratio asap then! Yeah, it's looking a bit squashed X'D Good one!

Ahhh this is just so cute and peaceful :')

Also, that's a super cool animation effect! Will it be on the next bitsy update~?

omg this has been such a fine conversation :')

Bahahahhaha aaah I give up!! Apparently my list of butt vocabulary is not long enough X'DD Nice punning with you! Don't let me butt in your punning way though! //im sorry

imho I think it was perfect the way it is~

and plus, there's always another jam!

OMGGG HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA that's a spanking way to put it!
I don't even know how to pun, why do I even try- - XDDDD

Bahahahha that's alright, we don't need all the pumpkins!
Ah you were on the right track then! There are two boxes there waiting for your pumpkins~
I guess I should add something to let people know, let me see what I can do!
Thanks so much for replying, RipplePoint!  It helps me make the experience better :'D

Oh noooes/// Thank you for you kind comment!
May I ask if you've put the pumpkins in their boxes?
If you have, then I have some bugs to fix!

Whoaaaa the ending hahahhahaha so great XD

I'm gonna go and listen to the song now!

Awww I forgot tissue in my pocket!

This is strangely relaxing and even with the minimum colors, I can imagine all the apartment decors somehow :'D I had a good time~!

Whoaaa this is so beautiful!!  I love it when we can float along the river <3333 The whole concept is so freshh, seriously awesome! 

//also, sending some acorns for the poor squirrel <3

Ahhhh thank you so much for playing ! Gyahahahhaha yeah, butt jokes tend to make everything a little better :')

I could feel the cold :') This was lovely!

This was clever and so nostalgic! :')Though, in my case it was friendster XD

gaaassp! Congratulations!! And thank you for playing this little game <3
So glad that someone finally find the secret lair :'))) I'm so touched TvT

Beautiful game :')))))) Thanks for sharing this with us!

I love all the tiny rooms! So cute!!

Awwww I know it's a short game but I just can't get enough :')))))
Lovely game! Also, this might not have anything to do with the game but when I saw your skulls on the tree, on the streets, I was like, "Hey that's an Octavi Navarro skull!" XD 

Can't wait to see more! <3

Oh I simply started a new game! I made something with the new dialog features, but I wanted to try something else, so I made a new game. It appeared as if everyhing was reset, but when I pressed play after i edited/the other way around, the old dialogs are still in the item/sprite, and they're mushed together with the new ones.

Hey, Adam! Just tried it and it's awesome!

Idk if others also experienced it but:
> When I start a new game (to refresh things), the dialogs from the previous one tend to stick around, confusing the new ones.
> A default dialog and a conditional one are mushed together after the item is found. So now whenever I clicked the cat, it says two sentences at the same time ;A; This is resolved when I put the default dialog within the conditional section, so I'm still a little confused on how to use the normal 'dialog' section properly. Is this a bug or this something I misunderstood?
> So I made two items for the sprite to compare: let's say apple, and actual apple. At first, when I only introduced apple, the sprite says the intended dialog, "Not my apple". But after I added the second item: actual apple, with added condition and everything, the sprite kept saying "Not my apple" when in reality I've added a new dialog for it to say "YES that's my apple!".  | So I deleted the first item, the apple, and deleted the reaction dialog as well, the sprite magically kept saying the deleted dialog: "Not my apple". 
I'll let you know if I can find more in the future, but for now the interconnecting reaction between several conditions seem to be the main problem. Otherwise, it's a super exciting feature, can't wait for it to develop!