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It was intriguing, beautiful art n music! We definitely need more of this :D

this is too  cute <3 beautiful job man!

I feel like I just watched a movie :') Cat is actually super creepy when you think about it XD

This was so entertaining <3 Looking forward to more awesome stuffs in the future!

<3 <3 <3

It's so cute and personal I love it <3

Hahahah XD

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Beautiful world :D

Ohnooo XD Okay, here's one: there are two more rooms to explore. Try to check everything, try to move everywhere. Hehehhee have fun!

Huahahhaha XD How far did you get? Lemme give you a hint :D

I'm glad you had fun!
Did you get to the very ending?

Hi, I just found out today that there's a bitsy community here/// Awesome ;A;

And I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, or just an extension of Nate's suggestions, but I've been thinking of the flow of the dialogs/conversation. Right now, the avatar is only able to pop up a dialog box and if he wants a conversation, we have to cramp all the replies in the same box.

(A) It would be cool if there was an actual reply from the sprite we're talking to, and

(B) an option to generate a new/the next dialog when we revisit the sprite, instead of reading the same dialog.

So far, I'm using the room exit tool to change the scene if I want to pop a new dialog from the same sprite. This feature would open possibilities to story-branching (with reply options probably, like choose the wrong answer and you get the bad ending, for example) and goes many ways with action choices/other choices as well.

I second this :D
Either provided or upload-able, it will be a very nice touch!

This is genius!! <33333333

Somehow this feels really warm, I love it! And forcing the avatar to go up the stairs and down the hills are awesome :D

Beautiful :'D

Thankyou for the kind response, and nice to meet you!
I actually played your corgi game a few weeks ago, so cute XD