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Recently, there have been reports that the Big Bad of the "???" species adapting and evolving, so as to suit its sessile nature.

I've decided to capture one specimen and experiment on it (not to worry, there are a few instances of said "Big Bad", commonly referred to as a "Boss". How else does one always seem to encounter one right after C'thal?), however, the process of removing said specimen from the environment did require me to cut out all of the "enclosing" section of the specimen, leaving the "head".

After some tests in a tank with rival species and an automated feeder (i.e. Free Roam), the results were rather worrying...


Oh dear.

Here's a small summary of what transpired:

1. The "Head" slowly sprouted movement zooids after sitting still and receiving a lack of prey/nutrients.

2. After gathering enough nutrients and preying on any nearby siphonophores, it began to re-grow its signature enclosing wall of zooids. However, there are visible differences between the sessile variant:

     - The walls are not spaced as far apart as that of a sessile specimen.

     - The outer side of the walls are saturated with Movement and Eater zooids.

     - On the other hand, the inner side of the walls are lined with Leech and more Eater zooids.

     - There are no Spawner-type Eater zooids (distinguished from its Stunner counterpart by their dark-red colour) at all.

     - Finally, of course, the walls are not fully enclosed.

It continues to prey on whatever I can throw at it, as none of the siphonophores even dare to attack it. Unfortunate Advena specimens that accidentally brushed their spikes against it receive immediate retaliation by being torn into shreds by the many Leech zooids on the inner walls. On a side note, this thing can turn surprisingly fast!

In conclusion, the "???" species as a whole appears to have an absurd rate of adaptability, using whatever means necessary to survive if push comes to shove.

As for this monstrosity, I shall give it a fitting nickname:

The Herculean Executioner.



Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.

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Will do, you should see a message from me soon

Edit: You should have received an email from me by now, as I sent one on the day you notified me of the above