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Sorry, I feel a bit confused about the applicability of this Clipboard Helper. Why should I use it instead of directly edit the object within default Editor?

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For a single developer, this program likely isn’t all that useful (and can’t replace the default editor). Instead it’s intended for data-sharing without packaging an entire project to copy, for example, a longer event script out of it.
If you’re working on a larger project with multiple authors, you could copy the base project so that everyone has the same existing variables, items, troops and so on, then work on new content in parallel. With this tool, that new content can be shared over email or DM as plaintext and used in RPG Maker MV without transcribing it or editing .json files.

Another use case I thought of is to set up tile flags (Passage, Ladder, …) in advance and provide them alongside tileset images, since that’s time-consuming and can be a bit tricky to get right if someone is unfamiliar with the system. The snippet can then be pasted into the “Tilesets” list in the database editor of any project, with the images already set up correctly also. That said, this particular function isn’t that useful right now, without a tileset remix editor that can preserve the tile flags when combining multiple tilesets into one.
For tileset creators, I currently wouldn’t recommend buying this unless the tileset is large and comes with most pages filled in already. In that case though, it could make the tileset ready to use for game creators within a minute or two, as they’d only have to place the image files in their project and paste the snippet into their tilesets list in the normal database editor (while at least the Free edition is running. Unfortunately I can’t make text snippets that work without the helper).


Hey, thanks for the detail explanation! (⌒▽⌒)☆

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Heya, small update: This tool is actually free now!

(Sorry for making it show up in the “free” category for the first week or so back then; I hadn’t realised there’s a practical difference to paid-with-demo in terms of where and how it shows up here, yet.)